Communications Specialist Team

Winrock International is seeking a Communications Specialist Team

Assignment:     Creation of Provincial Climate Change Information Centers (CCIC)


Winrock International, a USA headquartered not-for-profit business, is currently developing projects with the Government of Vietnam that aim to ‘to help accelerate Vietnam’s transition to climate-resilient, low-emission sustainable development’ in selected provinces and urban areas. Winrock will be providing technical assistance for the promotion of climate-smart, low greenhouse gas emissions planning and actions in a diversity of sectors.

A critical enabling condition for implementation of national policies on Green Growth and Climate Change (CC) will be enhanced levels of awareness and knowledge on the causes of climate change; the evolving consequences and impacts on a diversity of economic and social sectors; challenges for adaptation; and climate smart, green-growth, and emerging climate finance opportunities.


Climate Change Information Centers

Winrock International is seeking an experienced team of consultants to design modular CCICs and internet web-based portals for selected provinces in Vietnam. The CCICs will be designed to be easily installed and will house CC information as it pertains to Vietnam and the specific province. The CCICs will include materials and tools for: 1) raising awareness, academic and professional training curriculum on CC; 2) addressing long-term CC adaptation challenges in diverse economic and social sectors; 3) incorporating CC considerations into district and provincial planning processes and; 4) low emissions and green-growth climate finance opportunities.

Provincial CC Internet Portals

The CCIC internet portal will be designed to be linked to the existing official provincial portals and contain soft copies of all of the information and materials in the modular centers.

The principles responsibilities of the consultant team will be to:

- Design and develop a modular and eco-friendly CCIC concept and produce a pilot CCIC for one province;
- Design and develop an internet portal and train provincial technicians for maintenance and updating in selected provinces and;
- Propose possible model for the maintenance and updating both CCIC and internet portal;
- Develop an action plan for: 1) integration of the CCICs into 2-3 existing provincial institutions that includes training and capacity building within the selected institutions; and 2) promotion of CCIC among local people. 

The consultation work is expected to start from late 2013. 

Required Qualifications and Experience

The Consultant Teams/companies must have several years of pertinent experience in designing innovative and creative communications materials and outreach programs. 

Interested consultant teams/companies can access the detailed Scope of Work and Request for Proposal by sending an email, with their expression of interest and profiles with relevant experiences, to the following email address:  [email protected]   Please place “CCIC” in the subject box.

The closing date for proposals is 5 pm on Monday November 04, 2013

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Winrock International
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2013-11-04