The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS; originated from the registered association "Social Analysis and Political Education" founded in Berlin in 1990. In 1996, it was recognised by the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) as its close political education institution. The Party of Democratic Socialism transformed itself into “PDS/Linkspartei”, later renamed itself into “Linkspartei” (Left Party) which is one of two parties in Germany that formed the new party “Die LINKE” (“The Left”) in 2007. RLS has become a provider of civic education and a centre for progressive social research in both Germany and throughout the world. As one of six party-affiliated political foundations in Germany it supports partners in developing countries striving for social justice, strengthened public participation and economic development. In February 2009, the People's Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) granted the licence for the representative office for Vietnam in Hanoi.

In Vietnam, RLS ( embraces the mission of assisting Vietnam’s transition to a market economy with socialist orientation embedded. Currently, it is cooperating with approximately 20 partners (e.g. Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities; Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations; School of Law under Vietnam National University Hanoi) by funding around 20 projects (including one in Cambodia) on three themes of Sustainable development including Climate change, Social justice, and Dialogue on development models.

The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) is one of the largest umbrella organizations which has the mandate to gather, unite and coordinate Vietnamese scientific and technological intellectuals inland and overseas, to perform the tasks of knowledge popularization and dissemination; consultancy, judgment and social expertise; socialization of education & training and science & technology; poverty reduction;community development; HIV/AIDS prevention and public health care contributing to the socio-economic development of the country.

Recently, VUSTA has strongly been engaged in the cooperation with different National Assembly Committees such as the Committee for Social Affairs; Committee for Science, Technology and Environment; Committee for Culture, Education and Youth; Committee for Legal Affairs, Institute for Legislative Studies of the National Assembly Standing Committee.

Under the framework of cooperation from 2009-2012, VUSTA, with financial and technical assistance from RLS, has carried out a series of activities to support the capacity development of the National Assembly Committees and Deputies to better perform their task of reviewing, approving ordinances and laws as well as supervising and deciding important issues of the country. The total budget committed for the past four years was about 294,000.00 EUR. Within the scope of these activities, VUSTA committed to provide independent and scientific evidences; expertise and analysed international experiences in relevant areas that would help Committees and Deputies to fulfil their mandates by making well-informed and evidence-based decisions for the interest of the society as a whole.

To draw lessons and improve the efficiency of its funded projects, RLS decided to conduct an independent evaluation of the projects implemented by VUSTA. This shall contribute to develop practical and effective cooperation strategies in the coming years. To fulfil this task, RLS seeks a consultant team to conduct this evaluation.

A competitive consultancy package will be offered to the consultant team based on their qualification and experience. RLS will reimburse the consultants on a lump-sum base including consultant fee, evaluation-related expenditures (accommodation, per diem and transportation).

RLS would like to invite interested consultant teams to submit

- English CVs of your team, including name and contact details of two reference persons;
- One or two sample English reports of relevant evaluations that involved both team members either together or as individuals in an equivalent position as stated in your proposal;
- Your financial proposal based on the above-mentioned tentative workload and team structure, excluding expenditure related to fieldtrips (travel, accommodation, and per diem...) which will be budgeted later based on the actual need of the assignment. Please be informed that:

o The consultancy fee and other related costs will be paid on a lump-sum base;
o UN-EU cost norms 2012 are the reference for RLS negotiation with and payment for selected consultants.

Contact person: Ms. Tran Hong Nhung - Project Manager - at the e-mail address [email protected].

- Deadline of submission: 15th March 2013 to the above mentioned e-mail address.
- Tentative interview schedule for short-listed candidates 25th – 26th March 2013.
- Further information can be obtained by email. Inquiries are only accepted before the deadline. Please refrain from phone inquiries.

Job Details
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The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS)
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Fri, 2013-03-15