Consultancy for building collection schemes for plastic pond liner collection in the Mekong Delta

Evergreen Labs is seeking for a consultancy for building collection schemes for plastic pond liner collection in the Mekong Delta.

Location and Duration: Soc Trang Province, from April 2023 to July 2023 (4 months)

Work Scope: 

  • Engage with local authorities and value chain actors (farmers, collectors) to establish a hub-and-spoke collection model

  • Organize a conference/workshop/meeting in the project location to present the project, proceed to sign the relevant agreement for the project from local governments and relevant partners, and invite the local press.

  • Work with relevant partners to find an effective pre-processing solution for waste pond liner; evaluate feasibility study on its effectiveness (economy/convenience aspect); establish pre-processing solution (implementing at the farm preferred; guide and train pre-processing protocol with relevant stakeholders

  • Work with local value chain actors and farmers to plan liner replacement timing of pond liner; train for preparation and collection

  • Optimizing pre-treatment, collection, and transportation processes and identifying the necessary vehicles/equipment/tools for the process; get quotations and buy the required vehicles/equipment/tools; install equipment in place

  • Trial test collection module in the field; carry out any required improvements with learnings and feedback from the field

  • Recruit stakeholders (farmers and collectors) to ensure sustainable operation of the collection program; Progress report of committed numbers (300-400 tons of collected waste pond liners) and indicators impact (plastic recycled, farmers supported in Soc Trang, household supported through activities, communities engaged, actors supported in the supply chain (collection centers, etc.)

  • More detail: click here


Deadline: 30/03/2023

All interested individuals or organizations should submit a short proposal on the implementation strategy, CVs, and budget to [email protected] by March 30th, 2022 11:59 pm (ICT time).



Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Evergreen Labs
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2023-03-30