Consultancy for "Guideline Development for Women’s National Start-up Programme"

SNV through the FLOW/EOWE programme in Vietnam will support the VWU to become a key player in fostering the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Vietnam, which will allow it to play a much more substantive role in the country’s private sector development, and thus increase its policy influence to promote a women’s economic empowerment agenda. The partnership will enable VWU to effectively implement the National Start-up Programme and to contribute to filling the policy gap. On a policy level, SNV together with Vietnam Women’s Union will organize Public-Private-Civil society dialogues to engage different stakeholders, from female entrepreneurs to senior policy makers, to discuss challenges and opportunities for women businesses and start-ups, with the aim that these reflections and insights could feed into new gender-responsive policies and programme.

SNV is inviting application for the consultancy service to support Vietnam Women’s Union to launch and operate the 2017 - 2025 Women’s National Start-up Programme.

1.    Objective

Development of the implementation guideline for launching and operating women’s business development and start-up support component and train the key personnel of VWU to facilitate and manage this programme in order to enable the Women’s National Start-up Programme successfully operational in national and provincial level.

2.    Scope of Work

  • Study/review the Women’s National Start-up Programme document and situation of SMEs/ business and start-up ecosystem in Vietnam, VWU’s activities to support women’ start-up and enterprise development, related start-up and business support programmes, and legal framework in Vietnam;
  • Consultation meeting(s) with relevant Ministries, sector, association, organizations, provinces and enterprises on the expectations and advices;
  • In-depth consultation with VWU on the organizational mandate, capacity, resources and political and development agenda for the programme;
  • Development, validation and completion of the Guideline, associated tools/formats;
  • Presentation of the guideline to SNV FLOW/EOWE, VWU and relevant stakeholders
  • Training for VWU’s staff at national level and some pilot provinces to use the guideline;

3.    Deliverables

  • 01 package of guidelines for implementation of the Women’s National Start-up Programme, specifying:
    • Prioritizing areas for women’s business development and start-up, i.e. National target areas, VWU mandate and capacity, available/potential resources, market trend
    • Selection criteria for women’s-led businesses start up to be enlisted and supported by the start up programme.
    • Roadmap of business support schemes with target, resource allocation.
    • Process: launching, calling for start-up ideas/proposals, selecting start-up ideas from provincial to central level, training for interested applicants (if needed), assessing/scoring, selecting and negotiating, contracting etc.
    • Recommending promotion materials.
    • Managing, communicating, monitoring and evaluation, reporting.
    • Knowledge management, lessons and experiences sharing for replication.
    • Other.
  • A background training for VWU staff at national level and representatives of key pilot provincial WU chapters to use guidelines.

4.    Submission of the Proposal

Interested consultant(s) are invited to send their technical proposal and financial proposal with the title “Guideline development for the 2017 - 2025 Women’s National Start-up Programme” by 23 August 2017 to:

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
3rd floor, D Building, La Thanh hotel, 218 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Email: [email protected]

For more information, see the attached TERMS OF REFERENCE.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2017-08-23