Consultancy for HIV Medicines Software (HMED) Upgrading

Local Health System Sustainability (LHSS) Vietnam

HIV Medicines Software (HMED) Upgrading

I.               Background:

In 2020, with PEPFAR support, the web-based Electronic ARV Drug Management Tool (HMED) was developed to help the Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC) to manage the supply, reallocation, and utilization of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs from all funding sources for about 156,000 HIV patients on treatment at more than 400 health facilities nationwide. HMED is currently being used by ARV treatment health facilities, Provincial Center of Disease Control (CDC)/ Provincial HIV/AIDS Control (PAC), and VAAC to manage ARV drugs.

HMED modules and their functions were designed in compliance with ARV management procedures and reporting formats under Decision 165/Q?-AIDS and Circular 28/2017/TT-BYT. In 2021, VAAC developed additional HMED modules on latent TB treatment management, hepatitis C (Hep-C) treatment management in HIV-infected people, and a treatment monitoring book for Hep-C and monitoring the HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

In the same year, Circular 22/2020/TT-BYT on the management of ARV drugs procured by national centralized bid, using SHI fund, was issued with changes in ARV management procedures. In addition, the management of ARV drugs recently procured by price negotiation methods under Circular 15/2019/TT-BYT is also different from the management of other ARV drugs. Unfortunately, the current functions in HMED software have not reflected such changes.  Furthermore, donors will stop providing funding for VAAC to rent infrastructure to maintain the HMED system in the case that the amount of PrEP users database and services providers have grown rapidly. It is imperative that HMED should be integrated into the MOH health information system and data warehouse in order to become an official and sustainable HIV management system.

Upon request from VAAC, LHSS will provide support to VAAC through a software agency to upgrade the HMED system based on the legally current requirements in ARV management and report, users experience, as well as the alignment with the National Standards for software quality to be eligible for its integration into the MOH’s health information system, as the long-term vision of VAAC.

II.            Objectives:

  • To upgrade the HMED system with new functions and features based on the legally current requirements in ARV management and report, and users' experience, including the COVID-19 information of the HIV patients (vaccinated record, infected history, directive documents...).
  • To standardize the input/output variables of the system to be aligned with the current National Standards for software quality to be eligible for the HMED integration into the MOH’s health information system.

III.          Methodology:

  • The software agency will coordinate and collaborate with the VAAC, and relevant stakeholders, coupled with examining preliminary HMED assessment results to identify advantages and limitations in the process of using HMED to upgrade this software with new functions meeting the above-noted requirements.

IV.          Deliverables:

  • The upgraded HMED system is to be adapted to the desired requirements of VAAC and relevant users.
  • Technical documents summarizing the new functions.
  • Source code for the upgraded HMED system.

V.             Requirements for capacity and human resources:

  • The contractor should have experience in drug management systems, or health information system development.
  • At least 5 years of experience in software development.
  • Priority is given to contractors with experience in building products related to health system management or who have a deep understanding of the output data standards and formats used in management, assessment, and payment for medical services covered by health insurance (Decision 4210/Q?-BYT dated 10 September 2017), and national standards TCVN 10540:2014 ISO/IEC 25051:2006 in the assessment of the quality of a software.
  • The contractor is not in the process of litigation or dispute in court.

VI.          Submission timeline and contact point:

The LHSS Vietnam project, funded by USAID and implemented by Abt Associates, will assist VAAC to upgrade the HIV medicines software (HMED). Thus, we are looking for a professional company specializing in software development to do this job. Any professional company is interested in providing this service, please contact us at [email protected] to receive RFP. Deadline for submitting the company’s credentials, technical and financial proposals: 10 May 2022


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Abt Associates
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2022-05-10