Consultancy to Identify Political Economy Issues of Civil Society and Natural Resource Management in the Mekong Region - Deadline Extended

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What we do

We are an independent conservation organization, striving to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and wildlife. From individuals and communities to business and government, we are part of a growing coalition calling on world leaders to set nature on the path to recovery by 2030. Together, we seek to protect and restore natural habitats, stop the mass extinction of wildlife, and make the way we produce and consume sustainably.

The Mekong for the Future (MFF) project is being delivered by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and financed by USAID. MFF is intended to work regionally across the 5 countries of the Mekong (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand). The goal of MFF is: To improve natural resource governance in the Greater Mekong through strengthening civil society's ability to engage in natural resource governance and improving their access to and understanding of environmental data from public and private actors.

The objectives of the consultancy are to:

  • Deliver an analytical framework for understanding political economy issues as they affect the objectives and sectors of MFF. The purpose of the analytical framework is to provide a publicly accessible overview, methodology, and language that can articulate what MFFs approach to political economy analysis will be.

  • Undertake targeted analysis of the key questions set out below in order to assist WWF and its CSO partners identify the barriers to change and the feasible pathways to reform in each country and also regionally;

  • Develop a public policy piece for USAID and the US Government encapsulating the analysis and setting out suggested options for activities including MFF and also beyond; and

  • Work with WWF to identify how this analysis can be included in annual work planning, pause and reflect sessions and the findings and assumptions can be regularly tested as MFF proceeds.

Scope of work: Consultancy to Identify the Political Economy Issues of civil society and natural resource management in the Mekong Region

Place of work: Desk research, online interviews, and virtual workshop

Start Date: As soon as possible

Finish Date: December 2021

Detailed Request for Proposals, Terms of Reference, Proposal Templates can be found here: 


Please send the electronic proposal to WWF-Viet Nam’s designated mail box at [email protected]. Your e-mail must have the subject heading as “Ref 72.21 - [name of company/consultant] – Proposal Submission”

The maximum size per email that WWF-Viet Nam can receive is 25MB.

Old Deadline for Proposals submission is: 21st July, 2021 17:00  (ICT)

New Deadline for Proposals submission is: 29th July, 2021 17:00  (ICT)

The bids submitted after the deadline prescribed will not be considered.

Only selected candidate(s) will be contacted about the outcome of their tender.

“WWF is an equal opportunity employer and committed to having a diverse workforce.

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Thu, 2021-07-29