Consultancy for Implementation of a climate strategy accompanied by capacity building measures for selected partner organizations of VEST Viet Nam/Laos

Bid: "Implementation of a climate strategy accompanied by capacity building measures for selected partner organizations of VEST Viet Nam/Laos" - 2023-2024/26

Context and objective

The Regional Office of Brot für die Welt for Vietnam and Laos is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Regional Office has a multi-year climate strategy, the implementation of which started in 2020. The Regional Office is looking for an experienced external consultant to support the implementation in the period June 2023 to May 2024 (with an option to extend for up to two more years). The focus will be laid on communication, coaching of partners, facilitation of networking, cooperation with scientific partners and South-South cooperation, qualification, and capacity building measures.

Main implementation measures

  • Supporting the regional Office and partners to undertake climate-proofing of new projects
  • Supporting partners in conducting climate risk assessments
  • Providing technical advice in the assessment of climate projects and project proposals through dialogue
  • Expert advice to partner organizations on project-related issues of climate change mitigation, adaptation, and climate risk management
  • Backstopping visits to selected projects
  • Capacity-building and exchange workshops (2 in year 1)
  • Continuation of the newsfeed (monthly editions for up to 18 months & newsletter (4 times per year)
  • In the first year, approximately 8 partner organizations require advice in the development of climate projects.

Roles and responsibilities

The contractor is responsible for the technical implementation of the above steps in coordination with the head of the regional office to whom he/she reports. The regional office is responsible for the logistical organization of the workshops, establishing contacts with key partners, providing an interpreter and the final acceptance of the services provided.

Communication takes place via email, zoom and webinars as well as via one business trip to Vietnam and Laos per year.

At the end of the first year, there will be an internal evaluation with the option to extend the contract for one to two additional years.

Required qualifications.

  • University degree (diploma/master's degree) in social or natural sciences with a strong focus on climate policy, climate adaptation, climate risk management, and climate change mitigation
  • At least 7 years of experience in the aforementioned subject areas
  • Very good knowledge and proven experience on climate change, energy and climate policy in Vietnam and Laos
  • Proven, long-term experience in working with grassroots organizations working on climate adaptation and mitigation ion Vietnam and Laos at the community and regional levels
  • Proven experience in climate risk analysis and climate proofing of projects
  • Proven experience in training and education on the aforementioned topics
  • Good knowledge of the structures and working methods of Bread for the World is an advantage

Person days and budget

For the implementation of the measure in the first year, up to 70 person-days including a trip to Vietnam and Laos are estimated. For the two following years, up to 100 additional person-days are estimated.

Implementation period: June 2023/May 2023 to March 2026

Bid Submission

Please submit a proposal describing the services offered no later than April 22 to [email protected]

In addition, a timeline (differentiated by project phases and steps) and a cost plan (differentiated by project phases and steps) with an indication of daily rates are expected. The bid must also include a detailed curriculum vitae of the bidder as well as references. It must be demonstrated which specific experience you have with regard to the task profile.

Job Details
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Sat, 2023-04-22