Consultancy for Monitoring Implementation of the Penal Code 2015


Contracted work:

Support for monitoring implementation of the Penal Code 2015 (amended in 2017) relating to Combating Wildlife Trade (CWT)

Location of Services:

Ha Noi

Date(s) of performance of Services:

Mar – Aug 2020

Report to:

Program Officer of Capacity Building team


I. Background:  

The Supreme People’s Procuracy (SPP) is mandated to supervise and monitor criminal cases nationwide. The SPP Criminal Statistics Bureau (CSB or Department 2) leads efforts of the SPP to gather and analyze criminal justice systems data. The Joint Circular No. 05/2018 dated 12 November 2018 on coordination mechanism of inter-agency in criminal statistics which has been effective since January 1st 2019 has secured power of SPP in access and collection of data of criminal cases during the process of investigation to prosecution, conviction and sentencing. It also promotes role of SPP in centralization of criminal data relating to wildlife. 

In 2017 and 2018, WCS cooperated with CSB to collect and analyze wildlife crime cases nationwide for the 5-year period of 2013-2017. As a result, a situational review of wildlife crime and law enforcement response in Viet Nam, 2013-2017 was developed and circulated to about 170 related state agencies at the central and local level including relevant National Assembly (NA)’s committees and law enforcement and judicial agencies, academic institutions, international organizations and NGOs.

The Penal Code 2015 (amended in 2017) with revisions addressing many shortcomings in practical handling of wildlife cases of law enforcement and judicial agencies in the previous Code, has been implemented for two years. The Judge Council of the Supreme People's Court (SPC)’s Resolution 05/2019 on guiding the application of Article 234 (offences against regulations on management and protection of wildlife animals) and Article 244 (offences against regulations on management and protection of endangered and rare animals) of the Penal Code has also been effective since December 01, 2018. 

In this context, to initially assess the effectiveness of the revised Penal Code as well to ensure a consecutive criminal data system post 2017 and to promote centralizing of wildlife criminal data within government system, WCS will work with CSB to collect and analyse wildlife crime data for the period of 2018-2019. Thus, WCS Vietnam is seeking for service provider/independent consultant to provide technical support in the process of data collection, analysis and report development. 

II. Objectives: 

The service provider will work with WCS to: 

  • Participate in development of data collection form and guideline to collect data, template to import raw data and outline of report on wildlife crime situation and law enforcement response during 2018-2019;
  • Review raw data and draft versions of report made by consultant of the CSB;

III. Activities, Timeline and Outputs:






Participate in development of data collection form and guideline, raw database form and report outline:

  • Review and provide technical inputs/comments to data collection form and guideline, template to entry raw data to make sure that main findings will be transferred to the review and analysis report;

  • Review and revise the report outline for assessing criminal wildlife crime and law enforcement response in Viet Nam during 2018-2019 to make sure that the identified findings are consistent with the data analysis.

Estimated working days: 3 days

February – March 2020

Final data collection form and guideline, template to entry raw data and report outline and reviewed and reflected comments/inputs from the service provider/independent consultant


Review the raw database and draft versions of review and analysis report developed by the CSB through working with WCS:

  • Review the verified raw database;

  • Check result of the data statistics and analysis to make sure the consistence with the findings and analysis in the report;

  • Provide technical inputs/comments and revise the draft versions of report as requested by WCS

Estimated working days: 12 days

April – Aug 2020

- Raw database and result of data analysis are reviewed and verified to ensure the consistence by the service provider/independent consultant;

- Draft review and analysis report incorporated technical comments/inputs from service provider/independent consultant


IV. Requirements:

  • Contractor can be individual(s) or a company;
  • Graduate/postgraduate degree in law, governance, political science, statistics or related majors; 
  • Strong expertise in research, data collection and analysis;
  • Excellent analytical skills and attentions to details;
  • Knowledgeable of the criminal justice system and governance relating to handling criminals;
  • Having knowledge and experience on assessment of criminal situation based on the law enforcement and judicial records is an advantage. 

V. Professional fee and expenses

The estimated budget and corresponding work plan will be provided by the service provider/independent consultant and approved by WCS in compliance with WCS Vietnam's norms. Total working days must not exceed 15 days in the period from March to August 2020. 

VI. Application Procedure

Interested candidates are invited to send their proposal including CV with proof of relevant experience to WCS, email address: [email protected] by 23:59 on 8 March 2020 at the latest.

Proposal email should have subject:  “Monitoring implementation of the Penal Code 2015”

Note: Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.

Recruitment Notice (Vietnamese)

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Application Deadline: 
Sun, 2020-03-08