Consultancy Opportunities at GIZ

Deutsche Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is currently looking for two consultancies. The first consultancy should develop a toolkit for digital accessibility for the inclusion of people with disabilities. This toolkit gives guidance on how to develop, design and use digital tools in an accessible way so that people with different abilities can equally participate in the creation and usage digital tools. This includes for example people with visual or auditory disabilities as well as with learning disabilities or mobility disabilities. The toolkit should  include guiding information and standards for creating digital content, but also for the design of websites and learning platforms.

The second consultancy is to design a layout for that toolkit.

Please find the ToR for the consultancies attached.

Proposals (including a technical and a financial offer) should be sent to Ms. Bui Thi Van Anh [email protected] before 17:00 November 11, 2020.

Job Details
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Wed, 2020-11-11