Consultancy on Organizational Development with Focus on Task Division and Workflow Management



a consultancy on organizational development
with a focus on task division and workflow management


The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is one of the six major political foundations in the Federal Republic of Germany, tasked primarily with conducting political education for progressive social development both at home and abroad. The Stiftung is closely linked to the German Left Party, DIE LINKE. Since its founding in 1990, the Stiftung’s work has adhered to the legacy of its namesake, German socialist leader Rosa Luxemburg, and seeks to represent critical thinking and democratic socialism with an unwavering internationalist focus.

The Hanoi office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia embraces a mission of supporting the transformation of countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar into participatory, socially just, and ecologically sustainable societies. The RLS SEA Hanoi office opened its doors in April 2009 and currently cooperates with around 15 partner organizations, including academic institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, government institutions, and parliaments.

The Hanoi office has Project Management (PMs) and Finance Management (FMs) team together working on partner projects. To properly implement these projects, it needs a close and strong cooperation between the PM and FM team. The tasks and responsibilities of each team are partly described in the employment contracts but in some cases vague or undefined. Based on this un-clarity, the two teams face difficulties due to an unclear work tasks division and unclear workflows in the project implementation. Therefore, RLS needs an external consultant to review current working flow/procedures and provide concrete recommendations.


The consultancy objectives are as follows:

  • Improve the overall working environment and work effectiveness;
  • Clarify the tasks and responsibilities of PMs and FMs team, according to the RLS’s requirements, the RLS funding regulations and the nature of the respective work;
  • Create a clear and efficient workflow between PMs and FMs team to improve the overall work quality, work-life balance; reduce workload and maintain a balance between the workload of the teams;
  • Set up a timeframe for detailed cooperating and specific tasks between PMs and FMs team to ensure each team has enough time on each step to fulfil their tasks;
  • Create clear mechanism and indicators for regular evaluation of PMs and FMs’ work;
  • Propose a mechanism when PM and FM have a disagreement regarding the project implementation and financial closing, that reflect the connection between decision making and responsibility.


The expected outputs of this consultancy are as follows:

  • A report with all findings, recommendations to meet the objectives of the consultancy;
  • Presenting all findings and recommendations, open for further discussi on and comments;
  • Propose a conflict solving mechanism between the PM and FM Team;
  • Follow up Meeting in 2022 to discuss with the PM and FM Team what worked and what not. Evaluation of the implemented process and follow-up adjustments.


The consultant (team) is tasked with the process of conducting the evaluation, proposing the training and reporting. More specifically, this includes:

  • Conducting interviews with all relevant stakeholders (single (4 PMs, 4 FMs, Director) and group);
  • Conducting desk reviews on all relevant documents;
  • Present draft report in impeccable English for discussion, comments and revision to all involved stakeholders;
  • Writing final report in impeccable English;
  • Presenting the findings and recommendation from the report for the team members in Hanoi and Germany.


RLS requires the consultant team will possess the following qualifications:

  • Having proven HR experiences in similar tasks;
  • Having an advanced degree in related fields;
  • Being familiar in working and leading group processes with diversified team members;
  • Having working experiences with the similar type of organization Fluently in spoken and written Vietnamese and English.


A competitive consultancy package will be offered to the consultant based on their qualification and experience. RLS would like to invite interested consultant teams to submit:

  • Your English CVs, including name and contact details of two recent references;
  • A comprehensive proposal covering the methodology as well as financial requirements.

Contact person: Mr. Philip Degenhardt – Regional Director - at the e-mail address [email protected]

  • Deadline of submission: 31 July, 2021 to the above mentioned e-mail address.
  • Further information can be obtained by email. Inquiries are only accepted before the deadline. Please refrain from phone inquiries.

We only consider applications meeting all above required conditions.

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Sat, 2021-07-31