Consultancy for Quantitative and Qualitative Study on the Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Vulnerable Population of Hanoi about Heatwaves Impacts

Terms of Reference: Consultancy - Quantitative and Qualitative Study on the Knowledge
Attitude and Practice of vulnerable population of Hanoi about heatwaves Impacts

1. Summary

Position: 1 national consultant
Duration & timing: From the 18/02/2019 until the 31/03/2019
Duty station: Home based, and in project areas in Hanoi.
Reporting: German Red Cross Head of Project Office in Vietnam

2. Background

The German Red Cross (GRC) and the Vietnam Red Cross (VNRC) are currently implementing a Forecast Based Financing project which aims at reducing human suffering of vulnerable population due to more frequent and severe heat waves. In Hanoi the average daily temperatures have risen in recent years; past heatwaves have led to a 20.0% increase in hospital admissions for all causes and 45.9% for respiratory diseases. As a new concept developed by the GRC, Forecast-based Financing (FbF) is a mechanism that uses weather forecasts to trigger timely humanitarian actions, before a hazard hits the exposed population.

These actions described in specific Early Action Protocols are automatically funded when the triggering forecast is released. In November, GRC and VNRC conducted an intensive Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) survey in 6 wards in Hanoi with focus on groups such as elderly people, outdoor workers (bikers/shippers, street vendors, builder) and slum dweller; who are considered to be the most vulnerable towards heat wave hazards. The KAP survey provided important findings on the impacts of heatwave on health and healthcare cost, income generation and on coping mechanisms. Those findings need to be further investigated through a
qualitative study in order to gain in-depth understanding of the target population and design adequate project interventions. In addition, the KAP survey needs to be administered to the carers of under-five children as children are also amongst the most vulnerable to heatwaves.

3. Purpose

The purpose of this study is to in-depth assess the full situation of different population groups exposed to heatwaves in selected wards in Hanoi including their risks, vulnerability and capacity and explore possible project interventions. The GRC is seeking the service of a national consultant who will:

  • Adapt KAP survey questionaire in order to interview the carers of under-five children and upload questionnaire on mobile application (KoBo Toolbox)
  • Adapt a set of questions for Focus Group Discussions (FDG) and in-depth interviews (IDI) with Biker/Shipper, Builder, Slum dweller, Street vendor, Carers of under-five children, and Elderly living in poor housing condition
  • Train surveyors in conducting KAP interviews of the care giver.
  • Lead the process of FDGs and IDIs
  • Adapt a set of questions and conduct interviews with Key informants (KII) (Slum landlord, Ward and District People Committee, Health workers, District natural disaster prevention committee, Community leaders, District and Ward Red Cross)
  • Compile findings of FDGs, IDIs and KIIs in one report (English and Vietnamese)
  • Compile KAP survey data and perform statistical analysis.
  • Write KAP report (English and Vietnamese)

The GRC/VNRC will be responsible for the technical and logistic support to the study. The GRC/VNRC will provide the consultant with the KAP survey questionnaire previously used on elderly people, outdoor workers and slum dweller and with the findings report. The GRC/VNRC will provide support in recruiting surveyors and in guiding them in the targeted areas. For the FDGs, IDIs and KIIs, the GRC/VNRC will provide the consultant with leading questions (on symptoms of heat-stress and self-medication, access to forecast, constraints/ barrier for drink water, options of interventions…) and will commit staff for conducting the interviews and FDGs.

4. Selection Criteria

  • Proven experience in conducting, analysing and reporting both quantitative/qualitative researches/surveys, especially KAP study
  • Demonstrated ability and skills to analyze data
  • Good knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel and SPSS software
  • Ability to meet required date of report’s submission
  • Excellent command of Vietnamese and English

5. Application Procedure

Interested candidates are invited to send their offer in English consisting of a CV, a technical and a financial offer and a letter of motivation to [email protected] (email) OR by post to Mr Jerome Faucet, German Red Cross, Level 7, 59 Quang Trung Street, Hanoi. The technical offer should give an estimation of the numbers of working days necessary for each phase.

The financial offer should propose:

  • a daily rate all-inclusive: all taxes, transport & other costs if any, etc.
  • a total rate all-inclusive

The financial offer should indicate clearly the Net and Gross calculation in VND currency. All submissions must be received by 14th February 2019 at 17:00 Hanoi time. Please note that only applications which are submitted in English shall be considered. While we appreciate all applications, only candidates under consideration shall be contacted.

*Child Protection: German/Red Cross is committed to protecting the rights of children in all areas we work around the world. Applicants are advised that German Red Cross reserves the right to screen candidates to ensure a child-safe environment. Further information can be found in the German Red Cross child protection policy.

Job Details
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Thu, 2019-02-14