Consultancy for Research on Asia Fundraising Opportunities for International and Local NGOs

Terms of Reference
Research on Asia fundraising opportunities for international and local NGOs
Period of Performance: 30 days


Church World Service is a faith-based organization transforming communities around the globe through just and sustainable responses to hunger, poverty, displacement, and disaster. CWS is a nonprofit organization with headquarters in the United States and regional offices around the globe. CWS has 75 years of experience assisting refugees, migrants and host communities in humanitarian emergencies, protracted displacement, resettlement, and mixed migration contexts.

CWS has been present in Asia since the 1940s supporting migrants and refugees, sending cash, food and non-food items to populations in need, including victims of natural disasters and populations living in poverty.

Today in Southeast Asia, CWS focuses significantly on integrated community development for improved water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), nutrition and livelihood opportunities. Some country teams also lead programs to support community-based disaster risk reduction; others work for refugee protection and basic rights; for improving health care for marginalized people. CWS in Asia has programs in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Timor Leste and Vietnam, and a related corporate/program office in Japan. CWS Japan provides technical support and funding, from the Japanese government, for other NGOs and their programs.

Our programmatic focus in the Asia region includes disaster preparation and response, humanitarian assistance, rural livelihoods development, WASH, refugee protection, and climate change adaptation. CWS also has historical relationships with organizations focused on migration and related issues such as the Thai Border Consortium (TBC) as well as the Christian Church of Thailand (CCT). CWS is a member of ACT Alliance globally as well as a member of ACT Alliance regional and country forums.

Around 2008 CWS established a programmatic presence in Thailand supporting the CCT. In 2012 CWS was registered in the country as a Private Voluntary Organization, registration that remains to this day. CWS has had a presence in Bangkok ever since.

To date the CWS regional office in Asia has mainly focused on:

  • Fundraising for country programs
  • Relationship building with multilateral bodies (ACT Alliance, UN, World Bank, etc.)
  • Capacity building of country office staff
  • Management, internal/external accountability, and administration

Presently, CWS is undergoing a process of creating a renewed vision for CWS presence and operations across Asia and define the guiding principles for CWS regional organizational/corporate, strategic, financial, programmatic, and representational presence. CWS aims to diversify and identify new sources of funding for all its processes, diversity funding sources and sustainably support local partners and communities.


To map and analyze funder/donor interests and trends for CWS in Asia, in the countries we currently work and identify other potential countries/settings.

Task Description

CWS is looking to expand its funding portfolio for humanitarian assistance and sustainable development programs in Asia. To this end, CWS is looking for a firm or individual consultant to assess the current fundraising and business development environment available for work in the Asia region to fund development, humanitarian assistance, and disaster risk reduction and response programs and initiatives. This analysis should focus on funding available for a U.S. based international NGO. It should also explore funding available to nationalized/localized NGOs.

In addition, this task will identify sources of funding for other countries in the Asia region that could be available for CWS and where CWS could implement its mission (this can include other countries in South Asia, such as Bangladesh). Those applying for this task should keep in mind that CWS is a current implementing partner of the United Nations in various parts of the world and manages millions of dollars of US Government funding worldwide.

The consultant/firm will be tasked with the following:

  • Assess eligibility of CWS (as a US-based NGO), its country offices in the 4 countries in S.E. Asia and its Asia regional office based in Thailand, to access diverse funds and in what category/under what terms/conditions with CWS as lead, sub-lead or in consortia, including partnering requirements, and other relevant aspects of eligibility and process.
  • Identify and document current donor and funding trends for INGO programming in the Asia region, including CWS current donors (U.S. State Department, UNCHR, AusAID, and others) and new/potential donors, such as USAID, UN Agencies, corporate or philanthropic funders.
  • Provide recommendations on which funding programs or other funding mechanisms are the most suitable for CWS Asia, either alone or in cooperation with its local partners, what type of projects have the most potential to be funded by the identified/potential donors, as well as specific recommendations on application process and financial aspects.
  • Provide recommendations on the eligibility options that CWS country offices may need to meet to access funding opportunities at the national level e.g., in Indonesia, Vietnam etc.

Specific Objectives

CWS requires the services of an experienced consultant or firm with knowledge of current bilateral, multilateral, foundation and corporate funding mechanisms and sources specifically in S.E. Asia to:

  1. Determine CWS capacity and ability to mobilize resources in the Asia Region and specifically in the countries where it currently operates (Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam).
  2. Determine funding opportunities and mechanisms available to CWS in the Asia Region, including countries of operations and define CWS eligibility and requirements to access these sources of funding (bilateral, multilateral, public and private, local, and international, among others).
  3. Determine funding opportunities and mechanisms available to CWS in Thailand for operation in the country and in other countries in the region, including countries of operations, and define CWS eligibility and requirements to access these sources of funding (bilateral, multilateral, public and private, local, and international, among others).
  4. Provide recommendations and guidance on how to access the funding sources identified.
  5. Recommend how best to position CWS programmatically and operationally (registration etc.) to be competitive for the identified funding, and
  6. Map out other fundraising mechanisms and opportunities in the region including countries where we do not operate, for which CWS would be eligible to apply.

Deliverables and Due dates

  1. Kick-off meeting (notes and recommendations): Due date: within 5 days from signature of contract
  2. Detailed Workplan. Due date: 7 days from signature of contract
  3. Draft report. Due date: 10 days before end of contract
  4. Final Report. Due date: December 15, 2021
  5. Webinar, a one-time webinar to key CWS staff on this topic should be organized and results presented. Due date: December 15, 2021


The assignment is expected to last at least 30 working days.

Following the selection of the consultant, an inception meeting will be organized with the consultant and key CWS staff to discuss the objectives and deliverables under this ToR, agree on the proposed work and timeframe and provide all necessary information to the consultant.


Contract and Payments

A contract will be signed with a selected consultant and will further detail terms, conditions, and deliverables. The fee will be paid in two instalments: 30% upon signing the contract, and 70% upon receiving and approving the final report.

Roles and Responsibilities

The technical direction of this consultancy will be done by Silvana Faillace, CWS Sr. Director Development and Humanitarian Assistance.


All the outputs produced by the report will be treated as Church World Serice Inc.. property and the consultant will not be able to use the report in any manner without prior permission from CWS.


The CWS Code of Conduct and Child Safeguarding Policy outlines the behaviour which is expected of all employees and others associated with CWS. It is mandatory that all CWS employees and others associated with CWS sign and abide by these policies.


  • Extensive knowledge of funding for development and humanitarian programs, mechanisms and financial opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Sound knowledge of donor rules and principles for non-governmental and civil society actors.
  • Good understanding of both bilateral and multi-lateral donors, funds, and foundations in the region.
  • Experience with delivering analytical reports
  • Excellent command of English language
  • Experience in conducting Donor or Market Research
  • Experience in working with donors locally or regionally


Applications should include:

  1. Cover letter (reflecting the applicant’s understanding of the task, explanation of the applicant’s qualifications to perform the task and stating previous experience with this type of research projects) – no more than 3 pages;
  2. Short proposal outlining the methodology and time frame for delivering this consultancy – no more than 2 pages;
  3. Cost Proposal
  4. CV (not exceeding 2 pages);
  5. One example of a previous research/proposal;
  6. Two references relevant to this exercise we can contact.

Please send proposals in English to [email protected]

Proposal submission deadline: October 20, 2021, 5PM US EST.

Please mention “Research on Asia fundraising opportunities for international and local NGOs” in the email subject line.

For additional information or to seek clarification regarding specific portions of this ToR please feel free to email the same address.

No telephone inquiries please.

Please note that only selected consultants will be contacted.

CWS may ask for additional documents or clarifications as needed.

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Wed, 2021-10-20