Consultancy Service for Documenting Gender Visible Experience in R2F Projects in Mekong Delta Region in Vietnam


Oxfam is a world-wide development organisation that mobilizes the strength and voice of people against poverty, inequality and injustice. In Vietnam, Oxfam in working to seek transformative changes in policies, practices and beliefs in ways that will fundamentally improve the lives of poor and marginalised women and men, ensure that all citizens have the same opportunity to enjoy their rights.   

CECEM (Centre for Community Empowerment) is a Vietnamese NGO working in capacity building for social changes. CECEM committed to building an equal and inclusive society through promoting individual agency, civic engagement, and practices of universal human right values. CECEM has been in a long-term partnership with Oxfam in different projects and particularly in R2F as a technical expert in promoting gender transformative collective action.

Oxfam and CECEM is now seeking a capable organization/group of consultants which have passion and experienced on gender justice work, together with Oxfam and local partners of 2 identified R2F projects in Mekong Delta region in Vietnam to collect data on cases, analyse and systematize experience to create a narrative. At the same time, the consultancy provider is expected to produce visual materials including good quality pictures of the cases. Please find the attached ToR for more details.

The proposals should cover the following components:

  • Understanding of the assignment
  • Proposed work plan and resource arrangement (detailed budget)
  • CVs, relevant publications or other evidence of relevant capacities.

Application form: Only via email [email protected]

Deadline: 17.00 on 28/07/2019

Result announcement: Via email only to selected candidate

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Sun, 2019-07-28