Consultancy Service for Production Short Movie about Cookstoves: Upscaling Markets and Upgrading Cookstoves

Production Short Movie about Cookstoves: Upscaling Markets and Upgrading Cookstoves

1.    Background

Half the households in Vietnam are cooking on biomass fuels and traditional stoves. This poses high risks on health for nearly 10 million people across the country, where annually 45,000 people die from diseases associated with smoke exposure from cooking and many more suffering from ill health. Burning of biomass inefficiently also contributes significantly to pressure on the environment including global warming. Moreover, mainly women and children bear the brunt of wood collection activities.

To address these challenges, the Energizing Development partnership, carried out by GIZ and SNV, operate an innovate project to develop the supply chain of fuel efficient and cleaner biomass cookstoves.

Over the past three years of operation, four factories have been involved in an incentives scheme that led to the sales of 23 thousand cookstoves that were eligible under the project.

In order to document and share the approach and impact of the project, a documentary film will be produced to visualize this intervention. Within the scope of this ToR, consultants are invited to respond to this ToR.

2.    Purpose of the Assignment

To produce a film that presents the impact on all relevant actors (i) households (ii) producers (iii) the cookstoves testing lab in Hanoi (iv) the verifiers (v) project implementers

The objective is to visualize the impact through a by bird-eye view explain main impact features of the project in an entertaining and attractive manner. The key message is how we upscale a nascent market of new cookstoves models in Vietnam.

The target audience are national and international professionals working in the topics around energy, gender, health and socio economic development, as well as general people with an interest in these topics. The movie will be used during a webinar held in December 2018.

3.    Scope of work

  • The movie producer(s) will work over the period of two months, from 15 September and hand over the final deliverable latest at 15 November.
  • Conduct desk study of existing materials and asses footage we can use from other videos. An example from Laos can serve as inspirational:
  • Scoping visit to the sites and stakeholders
  • Work together with the team to create the script/storyline to develop the video‚Äôs narrative.
  • Shoot footage from (in the vicinity of Hanoi and Ba Vi).
  • Process and edit footage to create a professional 4 minutes movie.
  • Deliver the final product and provide the movie in original format and one light version for websites, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
  • SNV will help to connect to stakeholders and assure proper introductions to the stakeholders.
  • The video will adhere to EnDev visibility guidelines, provided by SNV.

4.    Deliverables

  • Meetings held with SNV staff to work out the scenarios
  • Final agreed script on the movie of about 5 pages
  • Shoot the movie in the field and at stakeholders
  • Submit draft movie for comments and suggestions
  • Final movie high resolution and website resolution

Note: Deliverables serve as milestones in the contract and shall be approved by SNV management.

5.    Requirements

  • Proven experience in videography, especially in short documentary films;
  • Interest in development work and relevant issues, especially on clean cook stoves and energy sector would be a strong advantage;
  • Inspirational and artistic;
  • Skills and proven experience in working in local settings and in rural communities.
  • Portfolio with similar video produced by the consultant

6.    Submission of interests

Interested consultant(s) should send the following information:

  • Plan and approach (3 pages max)
  • CVs of people involved (3 pages max per CV)
  • Example(s) of video clip(s) with explanation on your inputs to it.

7.     Budget

The gross budget is 3,000 USD.

8.    Contact

Please send the proposal by email to the following addresses: [email protected]

Deadline for applications is 10th September 2018

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Mon, 2018-09-10