Consultancy for Training on Capacity Building and Organizational Development for Disabled Persons Organizations in Vietnam

Consultancy for Training on Capacity Building and Organizational Development for Disabled Persons Organizations in Vietnam


Capacity Building and Organizational Development Project for Provincial Disabled Person’s Organizations of Vietnam (or CODV) is a project  funded by DANIDA and implemented by two Danish Assoications of Persons with disabilities: the PTU and DHF.

The project objectives is to strengthen capacity of disabled persons’ organizations and thus contributing to the development of these organizations.

In its pilot phase between July 2014 to February 2017, the project aims to focus on its coverage to Hanoi, Ha Nam, Nam Dinh, NinhBinh. 

CODV five partners include DPHanoi, DP Ha Nam, DP Nam Dinh, DP NinhBinh and Vietnam Federation on Disability.

Capacity building areas are established following needs assessment conducted with the involvement of the partners and the project office.  A list of training needs is proposed by the Project Board and then approved by the highest governing body of the project: the Advisory Forum.

The CODV project office is now looking for consultancy service to conduct the training and to develop the training materials for these courses.
We welcome both individual consultant and consulting company/network to apply.

The consultant can propose to do all or some of the courses in the list of training attached.  Preferably we would like that the same group of consultants or the company to take care of the whole list or the major part of it.

Scope of services:

  • Briefing, consultation with project staff on training strategy, linkage between the different training topics to identify the best solution in terms of timing, approach and methodology.
  • Develop the training materials for each course including, among others, the recommended agenda, methodology, and follow up, list of reference materials.
  • Conduct the training
  • Evaluate the course and draw lessons and follow up

The tentative list of training courses for 2015 is attached.

Requirements of consultant’s qualifications and experience:

  • At least master degree in development areas
  • At least 5 years of training experience in organizational development and/or capacity building for civil society organizations, and also experience about/with weak organizations.
  • Good knowledge about the NGOs legislation and how NGOs operate and function within the political system in Vietnam and how
  • Good skills in researching and analysis of a CSO situation and using this research result to set up needs including using organizational diagnosis tools and other tools as necessary.
  • Skills to coach trainees/participants coming from low educational background in organizational issues.
  • Vietnamese mother tongue, working level of English.


  • The consultant will be paid within the CODV rate range based on the working experience.
  • The rate is including PIT and insurance coverage.

Other terms and conditions are as per the Consultant policy of CODV

Training management:

The project co-ordinator of CODV, in consultation with the project manager in Denmark, will be responsible for the whole training process and will provide advice in issues relating to disability.

The project administrative assistant will be in charge of budgeting and related administrative issues.

Requirement for service proposal:

The complete proposal set includes:

- Technical proposal including

  • the title of the course
  • description of products to be delivered
  • description of methodology
  • schedule of work
  • name of consultant(s)
  • CV of consultant(s)

- Financial proposal

  • Consultancy rate
  • Number of working days per each service
  • Total service fee

Confidentiality and property right:

  • The consultant is responsible to follow all instructions of related CODV policies & procedures and ensure quality of work. The consultant, who cannot meet the deadlines and quality requirements, can be responsible for compensation or be terminated by CODV.
  • The consultant is required to keep all information and data of projects confidential and for internal use. If s/he discloses such information to a third party outside CODV, s/he will be responsible for that loss of intellectual property and his/her contract will be terminated immediately by CODV.
  • The material developed under this project will be considered the legal property of the project.  The consultant will by no way distribute or share with other entity/individual without prior agreement of the project authority.

Deadline for proposal:  30 January 2015

Contacts for sending proposal:

[email protected] , [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
CODV Project
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2015-01-30