Consultancy for Training Workshop on Prevention of Origin Fraud and Illegal Transshipment

USAID Trade Facilitation Program

Training Workshop

Proposed Personnel:            1 Local Short-term Technical Assistance (STTA)   
                                             2 Training WSs on Prevention of origin fraud and Illegal Transshipment                    

Period of Performance:        June 8 & 10 2022

Origin/Destination:              Quang Tri & Binh Dinh

Travel Dates:                        tbc

Activity No.                    4.8.1 TFP Awareness Raising for the Private Sector in the 6 selected provinces & 4.8.2 Local Trade Facilitation Mechanisms

MEL indicator(s):                   .

Under activity 4.8 – The USAID Trade Facilitation Program will focus part of its efforts in Years 3 & 4 on the six (06) selected provinces and agreed with GDVC to develop and introduce a mechanism for the GVN’s trade facilitation measures, ventures, and related activities at the provincial level, particularly the TFA awareness raising for the private sector.

Within 4.8.1, TFP has selected VCCI Da Nang to be the Program counterpart to implement the Activity. In 2021, VCCI Da Nang with the support of TFP’s local consultant conducted survey in Da Nang and other Central provinces on the training needs of business community relating the TFA and TF related topics. The results and recommendations of the survey report was disseminated at a TFA awareness raising WS last October. Furthermore, based on the report’s recommendations, USAID TFP supported VCCI Da Nang organized successfully a training WS on Prevention of Origin Fraud and Illegal Transshipment for the import-exporters based in Da Nang in April 2022 for import-exporters. In the meantime, PTFC Quang Tri would like to accelerate the capacity building for local authorities and traders through its mechanism.

At the request of VCCI Da Nang to replicate the training about this topic in Binh Dinh where there are many exporters of major products and PTFC Quang Tri of the similar need, USAID and TFP will support organization of the 2 training WSs on Prevention of Origin Fraud and Illegal Transshipment, with the detailed Training Agenda as follows:










Opening Remarks

Representative of USAID, VCCI Da Nang

Topic 1:

Prevention of origin fraud and illegal transshipment on import-exports, particularly in the context of US-China, India-China, and Russia-Ukraine Trade Wars

Topic 2:

Rules of origin of the FTAs accessed by Vietnam which will take effect from 2022          


11h30 – 13h30

Lunch Break


Topic 3:

Implementation of Rules of origin on exports to trading partners who are FTA members

Instruction on specific case studies

Discussion focuses on the major export products of Quang Tri/ Binh Dinh

Topic 4:

Examples of examination and verification of the origin to import-exported products

Topic 5: Updated common forms of fraud in the issuance of certificates of origin in Quang Tri/ Binh Dinh



  • Improve the knowledge of local authorities and enterprises of Quang Tri and Binh Dinh about the issues of their interests relating to Prevention of origin fraud and illegal transshipment on import-exports.
  • Provide information about and right interpretation and application of regulations in some relevant FTAs and domestics laws on C/O.
  • Provide examples to illustrate the violating cases with the view to correct the business wrong practice if any.
  • Respond to all questions and concerns of the private sector in this topic.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

One local consultant will implement the following tasks:

  • To produce materials in the forms of PowerPoint (a must for the presentation), Words/ Excel and others on the 2 following topics:
    • Updated common forms of fraud in the issuance of certificates of origin in Quang Tri
    • Updated common forms of fraud in the issuance of certificates of origin in Binh Dinh
  • Answers all the questions raised by local enterprises about the above subject                                                       


Ideally, the Consultant should have:

  • Practical experiences involving in managing and issuing Certificate of origin
  • Master's degree or higher in trade policy, international trade, Customs law or administration, economics, business administration, or similar field
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in policy making and practical working in ROO training, particularly in FTAs
  • Deep understanding and experience of the FTAs accessed by Vietnam and international regulations and application on customs procedures in general
  • Good written, oral, and presentation skills in Vietnamese and English (preferable); and
  • Ability to travel within Vietnam.


The National Consultant(s) will be required to report to the Program’s Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) Nguyen Hong Son ([email protected]) and Trade Facilitation Coordinator Truong Thi Kim Anh ([email protected])

How to apply:

Applications should be submitted no later than May 25, 2022 to email [email protected];  

Application should include:

  1. Cover letter (no longer than 1 page)
  2. CVs (see attached template); 
  3. Updated USAID 1420 form (see attached template)
  4. Cost proposal (See attached template)
Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2022-05-25