1. Background/Rationale

Transparency International (TI) is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption. Through a network of more than 100 national chapters around the world and an International Secretariat (TI-S) in Berlin, Germany, TI raises awareness of the damaging effects of corruption and works with partners in government, business and civil society to develop and implement effective measures to tackle it.

Towards Transparency (TT) is a progressive Vietnamese non-profit and non-government consulting organization that was established in 2008 to contribute to national efforts to prevent and fight against corruption and promote transparency and accountability in Vietnam. In March 2009, TT officially became the national contact of TI in Vietnam. In this capacity, Towards Transparency supports TI-S in coordinating the TI Vietnam Programme.

Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer (the Barometer) is the largest cross-countryth survey to collect the general public’s views on, and experiences of corruption. The 8 edition of the Barometer surveyed 108 countries and territories between September 2012 and February 2013. The Barometer explores the general public’s views about corruption levels in their country and their governments’ efforts to fight corruption and measures the frequency of bribery, reasons for paying a bribe, and attitudes towards reporting incidents of corruption.

Vietnam is one of the 108 countries included in the 2012-13 survey. The Vietnam survey has a sample size of 1,000 people from six regions covering both urban and rural areas. Overall, the survey includes 66 data points, including one qualitative response for analysis, plus 5 additional demographic questions. Data will be delivered in STATA and excel form. Using this data, TI/TT plans to conduct further analysis, beyond the key headline results, to produce a concise presentation and report on the corruption situation in Vietnam- through the eyes of citizens. The Vietnam analysis conducted on the basis of the 2010 Barometer: Vietnam Country Analysis report may serve as a useful reference for this exercise:

TI/TT is seeking a consultant to further analyse, under the guidance of TT, the 2012-13 national level Barometer data for Vietnam.

2. Objective of the Consultancy

To further analyse, aggregate and tabulate the data received for the national level Barometer survey for Vietnam, under the guidance of TT and to ensure and certify that all findings are robust and
statistically sound.

3. Tasks and Responsibilities of the Consultant

• Co-lead and prepare a one day workshop with TT using the available Barometer data (and
other relevant data sources as required) to discuss the following topics and their application to
the Barometer findings and results:
o Overview of headline results from the Barometer
o Disaggregation of data
o Cross-tabulation and comparison of variables
o Measurement of confidence levels
o Application of additional/external data points
o Visualisation of results

The purpose of this workshop will be to identify the specific parameters for analysis and determine how to frame the findings and results. (2 days including preparation)
Process, aggregate and analyse the collected data, based on the parameters identified in the workshop, and present initial findings in a meeting with TT. (3.5 days)
Produce a range of grids, tables and charts based on guidance by TT. (2 days)
Review the 2012-13 GCB Vietnam Country Analysis report, which will be prepared by TT (no
longer than 20 pages) to ensure that all findings are statistically sound. (1 day)

4. Deliverables and Timeline

• Specific parameters for analysis identified (March)
• Presentation of initial findings (March)
• Grids and tables of key findings (early April)
• Comments on the Vietnam Country Analysis Report (early May)

5. Qualifications of the Consultant

• Relevant educational background in statistics or related field
• Strong experience with and knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods
• Proficiency with and access to STATA and qualitative data analysis methods
• Excellent analytical skills and strong attention to detail
• Ability to work in a team to meet deadlines
• Strong presentation and training skills (desirable)

6. Expression of Interest (EoI)

Application: Interested candidates or agencies meeting the above criteria should submit an EoI in
English with their proposal, which should include:
• A brief statement of their understanding of the task of the consultancy;
• A proposed work plan and timeline (based on the above tasks and tentative deadlines);
• Statement of their previous experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis;
• A proposed budget; and
• Details of at least 2 references.
The budget will need to cover:
• The consultants’ fees and number of expected work days
• Any necessary travel or administrative costs

Deadline: EoI with CVs and financial proposal of interested consultants and/or interested research institutions should reach TT by Sunday 24 of February 2013.

Contract: A TI-S standard contract based on EU costs norms for engagement of external consultants will be applied for this assignment.

Submission by email to Stephanie Chow at [email protected] by 17:00 Hanoi time on Sunday 24 February 2013.


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Transparency International (TI)
Application Deadline: 
Sun, 2013-02-24