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DGRV – the German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation is the national apex organization and top-level auditing confederation of the cooperative sector in Germany. Since more than 30 years, DGRV is involved in international development cooperation aiming on the sustainable development of the cooperative sector worldwide. In Vietnam, DGRV supports the transformation and development of the cooperative sector by providing cooperative expertise, long and short-term consultancy, as well as tailor-made solutions for international development projects. As centre of competence in cooperative development, DGRV operates on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and cooperates with international institutions like GIZ, KfW, various Federal Ministries, EU, World Bank and Asian Development Bank.


Terms of References (TORs) in English hereafter.

Application Procedure

Interested consultants are invited to send applications under specification of the remuneration/consulting fee to Ms. Ngan via email [email protected] with a subject line:
“Application for the position of Consultant – {Full Name of Applicant}”.

Submission of application in English is encouraged.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further stages.

Deadline for submission:

29th December, 2016


In Vietnam DGRV´s primary objective is to contribute to the sustainable development of the cooperative sector by capacity building in terms of training, tailor made consultancy and knowledge sharing.

The overall objective of the Program aims to enhance the capacities of Vietnamese cooperatives and cooperative federations in order to improve the economic and social structure of the cooperative economy and cooperatives in Vietnam.

Key audiences for capacity building key audiences that we seek to reach are:

  • Vietnam Cooperative Alliance
  • Provincial Cooperative Alliance
  • Cooperatives
  • Office Staff


Capacity building trainings needs to meet:

Prepare, organize and conduct seminars, workshops and trainings also web-based on the following topics:

A. Training on value chain development:

  • Topic:
    • five axes of value chain development
    • value chain mapping
    • evaluation and analysis tools for situation analysis of cooperatives
  • Objective of the training:
    Participants develop a general understanding of what value chain development means. They know how:
    • i) to analyse value chains of different products (of their products)
    • ii) to figure out points of action for immediate-, mid- and long term improvements of value chains
    • iii) to analyse the market, different market actors and competitors
    • iv) to analyse their own capacities and strength and weaknesses (SWOT)

B. cash-flow analysis/planning and investment planning

  • Topic:
    • Business planning
    • Gross Margin Analysis
    • Cash-Flow Analysis
  • Objective of the training:
    • Participants of the training are familiar with the procedure of business planning.
    • Participants know the difference between short-,mid- and long term planning.
    • Participants are familiar with different tools to analyse their business activities and performance.
    • Participants are able to apply different calculation methods for business/activity planning and investment planning.

C. Training on market survey and marketing

  • Topic:
    • Market survey and marketing
  • Objective of the training:
    • Participants know how to analyse the market and market environment of their product/s.
    • Participants are able to differentiate between market requirements (for example GAP standards) of different markets (local, national, international markets).
    • Participants are familiar with different tools of market survey.
    • Participants are aware of different standards and the pros and cons of certification schemes necessary to entre different markets.
    • Participants are aware of product branding, product development and quality improvements/management.
    • Participants are aware of analysing and contacting of potential market partners.
    • Participants are able to analyse the market, different market actors and competitors, their own capacities and strength and weaknesses (SWOT).


This Standard TOR lays out the framework for the collaboration of DGRV and the Consultant(s) in training activities. Detailed scope of work for specific consultant shall be elaborated in the following enumeration which will be an integral part of the TOR.


  • The Consultant shall develop training materials upon request of DGRV on specific training topics.
  • The topics shall be provided to the Consultant in the detailed scope of work which will be annexed appropriate to the TOR and be an integral part of it.
  • The Consultant shall have to submit the training material outline to DGRV according to the schedule DGRV provided in the detailed scope of work. After the outline has been approved by DGRV, the Consultant will start drafting the materials and submit to DGRV. DGRV will then review the work.
  • Materials developed by the Consultant are subject to review by the program manager/other DGRV team members and the Consultant shall be responsible for making changes/ amendments to the materials as recommended by the team.
  • The materials shall be in Vietnamese and English presentations have to be in the form of PowerPoint slides with speaker’s notes that enable others to deliver the presentation on behalf of the author. The contents should be clearly understandable so that the trainees could use them as self-study reference materials.
  • DGRV shall retain ownership of all patents and copyrights for intellectual properties created as the result of this Consultant Agreement, either in part or in whole. In the case of copyrighted materials created as a result of this Consultant Agreement, DGRV shall grant to Consultant a nonexclusive, royalty-free right to use, publish, reproduce or distribute those materials for educational purposes.


  • A group of Consultants consisting of different expertise background will support DGRV in the quality assurance of the materials. Depending on the background of the Consultant, DGRV shall assign appropriate seminars for the Consultant to review. This task includes refining the materials in terms of consistency and harmony in technical contents and fluency and accuracy in linguistic aspects. Schedule for refining materials shall be provided in the annex.
  • The Consultant shall collaborate closely with the authors of the seminars to make revisions to the materials.
  • The outcome of this task shall be the revised, refined training materials in PowerPoint slides and speaker’s notes that could be used as self-study reference source.


  • Contents of seminars need to be in harmony and complement with each other, therefore the integration of materials from different speakers is a must. In cases where presentations will be co-authored/ co-presented, the Consultant has to work closely with his/her partner or presenter to develop the materials, and integrate contents to make it a complete harmonious set of slides. The Consultant may propose his/her partner-presenter and DGRV reserve the right to approve or disapprove the proposed one.
  • Materials from foreign sources will need to be adapted to Vietnamese conditions before getting delivered to Vietnamese audience. The Consultant shall carry out such tasks upon request from DGRV.
  • All materials must be approved by DGRV Hanoi project office. All approval will be coordinated by the DGRV staff.


  • Materials developed by different authors shall be organized in themed sets of seminars and be delivered in courses coordinated by DGRV. Those sets of seminars could be presented multiple times in different regions and by different presenters. The Consultant may be requested to present the seminars either developed by herself /himself or by others. The plan and schedule of each seminar shall be coordinated in advance and the Consultant shall confirm her/his availability to join DGRV in each of the events


  • University degree or equivalent in agricultural economics, economics, other social sciences or agriculture 15 years relevant experience preferable some years in Vietnam
  • Very good communication, presentation and facilitating in Vietnamese and English
  • Ability to prepare training materials, conduct and formulate training, workshops, campaigns and tools
  • Evaluate training effectiveness to ensure training outcome
  • Good skills of MS office software (Word, PowerPoint)
Job Details
Organisation Name: 
DGRV Project in Vietnam
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2016-12-29