Consultant for Best Practice Study

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Consultancy of Best Practice Study
Subject: How should M&E impact a DPO’s transparency and democracy


The Capacity Building and Organizational Development Project - a partnership between DHF and 7 partners in Vietnam has passed 17 months of implementation. In this second phase, the project pays a lot of attention to the development of the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system within the project and has tested the M&E tools within all its active units - composing of provincial partners and other member organizations who implemented an FSA (fund for small activities). As of 2018, there have been 13 active units.

Information from the M&E visit have also been used to retailor the training program, training agenda with focus on bridging the gaps that DPO face in implementing their work. Recognizing the importance of the M&E system as well as its impact on (i) improving management skills for leadership and DPO staff and (ii) increasing transparency and democracy of a DPO, the project plans to carry out a study on this issue to share the experience with other DPOs.

Objective of the consultancy:

The study aims to provide an overall view of the current M&E system of CODV, how it works, and how it is expected to, and has contributed to, the DPO development in terms of transparency and democracy.

Scope of work:

  • Meet with DHF Project Office to discuss schedule and the contract.
    Make technical and financial proposals.
    Prepare study outline and tools to conduct the study.
    Set up plan of meetings with CODV partners.
    Desk research of M&E tools (questionnaire, M&E data collected from the previous visit, and other monitoring reports) provided by the project office.
    Site visit and meeting with partners to collect information.
    Prepare preliminary report.
    Present the report to the partners to collect comments and recommendations for its improvement.
    Finalize the report.
    Update the Project Office on the study progress and for discussion on findings on a basis of once every two weeks.
    All the above documents will be shared with the Project Office along the process of their formulation and finalization.

Schedule of work:

The study should start as soon as the recruitment of the consultant is completed.

Preferably the final report should be available by early September 2019. Tentative schedule is as below.



Estimated duration



Desk study

02 days

Before 30 June


Site visit

09 days

Before 30 July


First draft report

02 days

Before 20 August


Meeting with partners for comments on reports/ recommendations

01 day

Before 30 August


Final report

02 days

Before 9 September

However, exact timing of activity will be proposed by the consultant and discussed with the project office and the partners.


  • Tools and information from partners (details to be discussed once agreement reached on technical proposal).
  • Report of on the process and utility of membership database.

The report should include:

  • A detailed description of the M&E system and tools, how it works in data collection process, how its results are used in practice, as well as its impact on the organization’s transparency and democracy;
  • An analysis of the M&E tools used by the project and how it contributed towards the improvement of transparency and democracy of an organization of PWDs;
  • What measures to be taken to ensure for the M&E to work within a DPO;
  • Recommendations for the project’s future work in putting M&E improving the database update and further information collection of new members.

Qualification requirements:

  • Good background in working in research work in social areas.
  • Knowledge on statistics and M&E.
  • Master degree on social or relevant issues.
  • Background knowledge of disability or prior experience of work with persons with disabilities is a big advantage.
  • Experience in working with INGOs and donor projects.

Arrangement of study implementation:

The Project Office will inform the partners of the consultant’s visit schedule and the information requirements through emails. The Project Office can arrange for accompanying the consultant where necessary.

All logistical expenses related to the study (as transportation, per diem, accommodation (if required) outside Hanoi) will be covered by the project. The fee for consultant will be negotiated and applied in accordance with CODV cost norms.

If you are interested in providing this service, please submit application with cover letter and CV to: [email protected]

Deadline: 20 July 2019

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Sat, 2019-07-20