Consultant to Conduct a Piloting Model of “Future Farmers’ Club” in Long An

The USAID-funded Vietnam Forests and Deltas Program is enhancing climate change resilience planning and action from community to national level. The program will put into practice the national policies and strategies on response to climate change and low emissions development with a focus on reducing emissions from forestry and agriculture sectors and strengthening climate-smart livelihoods and settlements, particularly in rural areas. Addressing long-term climate change risks and gender vulnerabilities in both forest and delta landscapes are among key program targets.

One of key working principle of Vietnam Forests and Deltas is enhancing engagement of youth as an active and creative agency and as the future owners of the nation. To support local communities to build future labor force for a sustainable and resilient agriculture, Vietnam Forests and Deltas partners with the Agricultural Extension Central and the Youth Union of Long An in piloting models of “Future Farmers’ Club”. The initiative aims at improving the future agriculture labor force by inspiring children and youth to engage in agriculture and guiding their future job orientation since young age. The Future Farmers’ Clubs will provide children and youth not only with climate change basic knowledge and instructions on relevant agricultural activities but also an experimental field where they can try out new ideas. This is a very effective way to empower and inspire children and youth to get involved more actively and creatively in agriculture. It helps children to develop connection and passion with the land and farming which will turn into the will and efforts to work for agricultural development in their homeland when they grow up into adults.

Vietnam Forests and Deltas is looking for a qualified consultant to work together with the program and its partners to pilot the Future Farmers' Clubs in Long An during the period April-December 2015 with maximum 60 working days. Details of the tasks and qualification requirements can be found in the attached TOR.

Proposal should be sent to [email protected] before 7 April 2015.

Job Details
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Winrock International
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2015-04-07