Consultant to Conduct a Training Course on Soft Business Management Skills in Quang Nam Province


Paz Y Desarrollo (PyD) collaborates with the People’s Committee of Quang Nam province to implement a 4 year Regional Program “Social and Economic Empowerment with a Gender Perspective in Cambodia, East Timor and Vietnam” in Quang Nam province which is funded by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation and Development (AECID). The Program’s Board of Management is under the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) which is authorized by the Provincial People’s Committee to be responsible of coordinating and implementing the Program’s activities with PyD, Women’s Union (WU), the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) and the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISA) of Quang Nam Province.

The Program’s objectives are to contribute to guarantee the implementation and application of the social and economic rights of the target population, reduce poverty through a gender approach and improve social equity, including 3 Actions:

• Action 1: To support local economic initiatives integrating with gender perspective to improve the living conditions of the target population.
• Action 2: To promote the rural development with territorial and gender perspective with participation of Rights Holders, Duty Bearers and Responsibility Bearers.
• Action 3: To foster initiatives of social justice about gender equity and the prevention of domestic violence.

Being a Gender integration Program, giving equal opportunities for both women and men to participate in the social and economic development, gender analysis is applied in all Program’s activities. In other way, all the Program’s activities are analyzed with a gender equality perspective.

The Project will conduct a training course on soft skills in business management and in small and medium businesses in September 2012. A trainers group consists of one main trainer and one trainer assistant being responsible for facilitating the training course.


Overall objectives:
- To improve capacity of business management and implementation of Project activities for staffs of the Socio-Economic Development Centers (SEDC) in Duy Xuyen and Hiep Duc districts, business groups and involved partners of the Project.

Specific objectives:

The activities aim at:
1. Providing necessary soft skills in business management such as planning, skill of communication, negotiation, propaganda, monitoring and leader etc.
2. Improving skills of implementation of community development with gender perspective project activities such as skills of coordination and support for small woman businesses, etc.
Beneficiaries: 23 people
+ Staffs of SEDCs in Duy Xuyen and Hiep Duc districts (6 staffs)
+ Cooperative handicraft sedge product group in Duy Vinh commune, broom business group in Duy Phu commune and cassava business group in Hiep Duc district (9 members)
+ DARD staffs (2 staffs), BoM staffs (2 staffs), PyD staffs (2 staffs) and the Socio-Economic Development Fund (2 staffs)

Selected consultants/trainers have to do the following tasks:
1. To develop a curricula of a 4-5 day training course using the participatory methodology;
2. To elaborate training materials for the 4-5 day training course meeting the requirements mentioned above and with a gender perspective;
3. To conduct the training course in Quang Nam province;
4. To design pre- and post- training course test to evaluate awareness of participants; and
5. To make a report on training process and results including some recommendations for improving capacity for Project partners in the future.

1. Training curricula, pre- and post-test;
2. Training materials of a 4-5 day-training course; and
3. Training report in Vietnamese submitted within a week after finishing the training course.

• Master degree or higher one in business management, economics, micro finance, community development or related subjects
• At least 5 year experience in conducting workshops/training with participatory method
• Having good knowledge of gender equality and mainstreaming
• At least 5 year experience in conducting workshops/training for staffs of business and development and official agencies
• Experience in working in QN and PyD’s project is an advantage

During the consultancy period, the consultant:
• Self-care of professional, health, accident and travel insurance and other equivalent fees.
• Is responsible for paying the taxes such as VAT according to Vietnamese legislation as required.
• PyD will deduct the PIT before paying the fee for the consultants.

Required documents include CV of consultants, technical and financial proposals in Vietnamese.
All of them will be sent to: (Program officer- Economic and Social Empowerment with Gender perspective in Quang Nam) to the following e-mail address: [email protected] and [email protected]
Deadline: The consultant compromises him/herself to submit their application no later than August 20th, 2012

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Paz y Desarrollo (PyD)
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2012-08-20