Consultant for Cooperative Survey

The objective of DGRV project in Viet Nam is to contribute to the sustainable and effective poverty reduction via the development of social structures and favorable legal framework for the cooperatives and pre-cooperative groups. The project is funded by BMZ (German Ministry for economic cooperation and development) and has been implemented in Vietnam for many years.

In order to meet the overall objective of the project, that is, strengthening role of the coops in poverty reduction and hunger elimination, DGRV has been assisting the development and promoting the effective and stable operations of the cooperatives via impacting on 5 main aspects: inclusive market access, protection of business assets and deposits, market-oriented products and services, higher income of the coop. members, risk mitigation. DGRV has been applying the approach of comprehensive consultancy at all of 3 levels: macro-meso-micro for ensuring the effective impact on 5 above main aspects.

Activity of “Survey and assessment on performance of the cooperative” shall be conducted to fulfill the objective of approaching at the macro level, contributing to the input data supply for the formulation of cooperative economic sector development strategy of MPI. Based on this strategy, DGRV shall implement its project in line with the development orientation of the Vietnamese partners, especially of MPI and VCA, to further support the sustainable development of the sector in Vietnam.

For this survey, DGRV is looking for a short-term consultant. Please find further information in the attachment.

Proposals should be submitted to Email: [email protected] before 24:00 August 10, 2019.

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Sat, 2019-08-10