Consultant Firm to Conduct Project Mid-term Evaluation


“PARTICIPATE: Empowered civil society organizations and ethnic minority youth for active participation in decision making in Yen Bai, Vietnam” project


Save the Children is implementing the project “PARTICIPATE: Empowered CSOs and ethnic minority youth for active participation in decision making in Yen Bai, Vietnam”. The project aims at ensuring that target social organizations and implementing partners in Yen Bai province have the capacity to support start-up businesses and other socio-economic development of vulnerable ethnic minority youth, fostering their engagement and active participation in decision making and in the promotion of gender equality. This will help redress the limited role that minority youth currently play in decision-making processes in the field of start-up businesses that contribute to their own advancement and socio-economic development in Vietnam.

The project areas: Nine communes in Tran Yen district, Yen Bai province: Y Can, Quy Mong, Kien Thanh, Hung Thinh, Hung Khanh, Hong Ca, Hoa Cuong, Tan Dong and Dao Thinh.

Target population: This project focuses on ethnic minority youth, who are from 16 to 24 years old who have limited education and employment opportunities.

Other stakeholders such as local authorities, governmental agencies, enterprises, mass organization and local CSOs are engaged in supporting youth in capacity building, employment.

Project partners

  • Local CSOs and mass organizations: Center for Sustainable Development of Mountainous Communities (SUDECOM), Women Support Center of Yen Bai province, Center for Science Technology Development and Community Health care, Vietnam Youth Federation of Tran Yen district
  • Local government authorities: Local People’s Committees, Department/Bureau of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs (D/BOLISA), Department/Bureau of Education and Training (D/BOET) and relevant stakeholders at the location.
  • Private businesses in Tran Yen district and Yen Bai province.

The objective of the evaluation is to understand the current progress of the project compared to the output and outcome targets as per the logical framework.  The results of this evaluation will inform actions needed for the remainder of the project to achieve the Project goals.

Please find the details in the TOR


  • Review the project proposal, baseline related documents, monitoring data, and SC related policies to have an overall picture on supported CSOs and their networks, child rights, youth with start-up, employment and the socio-economic development of vulnerable minority youth, youths’ engagement and active participation in decision making and in the promotion of gender equality.
  • Prepare inception report, including survey objectives, methodology, samples, survey tools, detailed schedule and total budget to conduct this survey.
  • Meet with SC staff to discuss on methodology, samples, survey tools, process of survey implementation, and other related issues.
  • Collect data and information in the project sites.
  • Analyse data and prepare evaluation report: the draft report will have to be shared with SC to get comments and feedback before being finalized.
  • Present key findings and propose recommendations from the findings.
  • Adhere to SC’s safeguarding and data protection policies.
  • Finalize the final version of the evaluation report. The final report must include any modifications needed based on the comments given by SC during the presentation of the first draft. The final report must be written both in English and Vietnamese.

The Evaluation Team will have to clearly define roles and responsibilities of the team leader and each of the members involved. The team leader will have to provide updates on the evaluation, including progress and plans, on a weekly basis via email to SC Project Manager.


The evaluation deliverables and tentative timeline (subject to the commencement date of the evaluation) are outlined below. The Evaluation team lead and SC Project Manager will agree on final milestones and deadlines at the inception phase.

Deliverables and Tentative Timeline




Format/ Style

Delivery date


A meeting with the relevant stakeholders at the commencement of the evaluation to develop the inception report will be facilitated by the Evaluation Team

Online meeting

8 Nov


An inception report in Vietnamese and English

Electronic file

10 Nov


Final data collection tools (in Vietnamese and English)

Electronic file

12 Nov


Quantitative and qualitative data entry records (including raw and cleaned), data sets and data analysis tables

Electronic file with raw and cleaned, qualitative and quantitative, data sets

30 Nov


A draft Evaluation Report in Vietnamese and English

Electronic file

03 Dec


A presentation on the validation workshop to sharing key findings with SC team and stakeholders and discuss to finalize report

Electronic file, PowerPoint presentations

13 Dec


Final Evaluation Report (in Vietnamese and English)

Electronic file

16 Dec


Knowledge translation materials:

  • Popresentation of Evaluation findings in Vietnamese and English
  • Full report and summary report in Vietnamese and English

Electronic file

17 Dec


All documents are to be provided electronically by email to the SC Project Manager. All survey materials, raw data, electronic data, and other information will remain the property of SC and should be transferred to SC upon completion.


Team leader must have demonstrated skills, expertise and experience in:

  • Master’s degree or higher specialized in community development, social sciences or a related discipline
  • Have strong knowledge on children rights and youth issues and at least 10 years of experience in conducting studies, surveys, assessment and M&E related activities relating to children and youths, especially youths in mountainous areas, ethnic minority groups with proven records
  • Have experience of a team leader for at least 3 surveys/ studies/ evaluations with the similar scale.
  • Working experience with local governments, CSOs, business in start-up, employment and the socio-economic development of vulnerable minority youth, youths’ engagement and active participation in decision making and in the promotion of gender equality.
  • Working experience in Youth Employment, Gender Equality and non-discrimination of vulnerable children & youth in Vietnam
  • Conducting ethical and inclusive studies involving children and child participatory techniques
  • Conducting ethical and inclusive studies involving marginalised, deprived and/or vulnerable groups in culturally appropriate and sensitive ways
  • Extensive experience of theories of change and how they can be used to carry out evaluations
  • Strong written and verbal skills in communicating technical and/ or complex findings to non-specialist audiences (especially report writing and presentation skills)
  • A track record of open, collaborative working with clients
  • Legal registration organization/firm/institute
  • Able to allocate resource for a long term contract (up to 3 months)
  • Excellent command of the English languages – both written and oral
  • Excellent skills in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis (Nvivo, Epidata, SPSS, Stata, etc.)
  • Familiar with conducting online survey

For team members:

  • Bachelor degree or higher specialized in Community Development, social sciences, Education and/or Inclusive Education, Child care and child protection, or related areas
  • At least 2-3 years experience in the field of evaluation and/or research
  • Experience in facilitating FGDs, IDIs and using online form
  • Skills in participatory approach, preferably including child participation skills
  • Data analysis and report writing skills
  • Ability to complete work with a commitment to quality in terms of time pressure
  • Objective and honest in the spirit of construction and suggestions to serve the goal of improving the effectiveness of project implementation
  • Good command of English language (especially writing skills)

There is a high expectation that:

  • Members (or a proportion) of the study team have a track record of previously working together.
  • A team leader will be appointed who has the seniority and experience in leading complex study projects, and who has the ability and standing to lead a team toward a common goal.
  • The team has the ability to commit to the terms of the project and have adequate and available skilled resources to dedicate to this Evaluation over the period.
  • The team has a strong track record of working flexibly to accommodate changes as the project is implemented.


The supplier should submit a financial and technical proposal and CVs of team who implements this assignment through email address:  [email protected]

The deadline for responses is: 11th October 2021.


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Save the Children
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2021-10-11