Consultant Group to Support in School Coordination and On-going Monitoring and Assessment during the Pilot of TTS and NVDA for People with Visual Impairment and Video Lectures for Students with hearing impairment

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is looking for a consultant group to support in school coordination and on-going monitoring and assessment during the pilot of TTS and NVDA for people with visual impairment and video lectures for students with hearing impairment for IVWD Project with the attached scope of works.


-        A group of at least 2 consultants with one consultant with experience and background in education of students with visual impairment and one consultant with background and experience of students with hearing impairment. One consultant will act as Lead consultant and have responsibilities to liaise with MOET and CRS.
-          Bachelor or Master degree of education, social science
-          Strong experience in research, monitoring and school observation.
-          Preferred experience in monitoring progressive results from ICT or educational pilots
-          Good understanding and experience in working with the Education and Training sector and INGOs
-          Proven track record of submitting deliverables on schedule
-          Skillful in  planning, monitoring and report writing
-          Good communication and team work skills.

Any institutions, consultants who are interested in applying should send the applications in Vietnamese through email to Catholic Relief Services at: [email protected]; and the Project Management Board of MOET, Mr. Ly Quoc Huy at email address: [email protected]

Applications should include:

-          consultant profile (includes: CVs of consultant members if any)
-          Technical proposal
-          implementation plan and Estimated budget.

Deadline for application: by 12h00 March 5th (after this time the submission is not accepted)

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2015-03-05