Consultant on Linking Socio-Economic Development to Mine Action

Term of Reference
Consultant on Linking Socio-Economic Development to Mine Action – Quang Tri Province

1. Background

Under the DFID contract, the Project “Establishing Quang Tri Province Legacy of War Coordination Centre” (LWCC) was approved by Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee from February 2015. Up to now, LWCC have been considered successful and reached considerable achievements through its implementation. One of the activities under this contract was to draft a manual on ‘Linking Mine Action to the Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP)’ which was achieved.

On the 14th July 2017, Quang Tri People’s Committee agreed with the project extension by correspondence No. 3432/UBND-?N, which allowed LWCC to continue receiving the sponsorship from DFID and implement the pending and new categories of project activities until March 2018.

As one of the main activities to be reinforced during the extension period of this project, LWCC have drafted a manual outlines the procedure for Communes, Districts and the Province to effectively link their mine action needs and requirements to the existing Socio Economic Development Plan (SEDP) process. It will highlight the process and tools available to those involved in developing the SEDP at all levels mentioned, and the process for the Government of Quang Tri to link into the Government of Vietnam (GoV’s) Public Investment Plan (PIP).

2. Purpose

Aid LWCC in providing implementation advice to Quang Tri Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) and Department of Foreign Affairs (DoFA) in implementing the link between mine action and the SEPD, in particular the Provincial GoV requirements, processes, timeline, legal framework and other related issues.

3. Methodologies

  • Review, and update the manual on ‘Linking Mine Action to the SEDP’ (the diagram and text on the funding process is said to be outdated by DPI in Quang Tri);
  • Attend up to two, one-day provincial workshops on ‘Linking Mine Action to SEDP’ where feedback and advice can be given in regards to the implementation plans made;
  • Be available for up to 10 days remote consulting work for LWCC, as needed where questions/issues are raised and expert advice is sought.

4. Key outputs

Consultant will be responsible to produce an English final report of the review which should be concise and cover all above mentioned reviewing areas. In addition, it will include detail recommendations/proposal for NPA LWCC for the next period, 2018 - 2020.

Key final product is the uptodate and put into force Manual approved by Quang Tri authority.

5. Budget

Negotiable, 10 days is available plus 2 flights with accommodation, per diem to Quang Tri.

6. Timeline:

  • The review is expected to start by 15 November
  • The first draft report must be submitted to LWCC by 15 December
  • The final report must be available by 20 December.

7. Consultants:

The review needs one consultant who meets following inquiries:

  • At least 05 years experiences working INGOs and MPI, DPI
  • Expertise in designing, implementing and managing development projects
  • Profound understanding on government system and civil society in Vietnam.
  • Profound knowledge of SEDP and related regulations

8. Contact person

Interested consultants are requested to submit their proposal to NPA latest by 08 November 2017. For further information and documents supporting your proposal writing, please contact:

Dinh Ngoc Vu
Project Officer, LWCC
Email: [email protected]
Cellphone: 091 212 535

Job Details
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Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2017-11-08