Consultant for Mid-term Review

1. Background

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) officially operated its development program in 2012. NPA identified its priority to engage in the Natural Resource Management (NMR) sector and to address policy of redistribution of resources in connection with foreign investments. Additionally, in the current context of Vietnam when the government has planned to restructure the economy, open more space for democracy, NPA program also aims to promote the role of CSOs in policy advocacy.

Prior to establishing the program, NPA started to explore priorities and to identify cooperative and implementation partners. In 2012 and 2013, NPA supported three VNGOs partners to carry out projects related to forestland rights, Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights, and Minority rights in general, and promotion of the Extraction Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI). In 2014, NPA continues the above mentioned projects and additionally cooperated with two new partners; Centre for Development and Integration (CDI) and Pan Nature due to its main partner withdrawing from EI coalition.

After 3 years applying its development program in Vietnam, NPA plan to review its contribution and based on the finding, in line with its strategy, orient the program for the new period.

2. The purpose

- The review aims to identify and report on the results and contributions of NPA in the development of and related to resource management, minority rights and CSOs
- To set a baseline to orient the program into the next period, 2015-18.

3. The area focus

- Context analysis: to understand the changing context in regards of socio-eco-politics, space for democratization: development of CSOs and their role in legislation and social changes.
- Results of program and its contributions to development projects.
- Partnership policy and practice: strength and weakness.
- Monitoring mechanism in term of both finance and program.

4. Methodologies

The consultant will design a clear methodology based following principles: Participatory approach, opinion of different stakeholders will be respected. The consultant may be required to collect information through 3 main steps: i) Desk study: Consultant will spend time to review NPA documents (e.g. strategies, annual reports, financial guidelines, contracts, proposals, reports, etc.); reports from different development agencies and related government programs/policies and ii) Interview or questionnaires to NPA’s staff, related partners; iii) field visit (if necessary).

5. Key outputs

Consultant will be responsible to produce an English final report of the review which should be concise and cover all above mentioned reviewing areas. In addition, it will include detail recommendations/proposal for NPA program for the next period, 2015-18.

6. Budget


7. Timeline:

- The review is expected to start by 15 November.
- The first draft report must be submitted to NPA by 15 December
- The final report must be available by 20 December.

8. Consultants:

The review needs one consultant who meet following inquiries:

- Above 10 years experiences working INGOs and VNGOs
- Expertise in designing, implementing and managing development projects
- Expertise in project evaluation
- Profound understanding on government system and civil society in Vietnam.

9. Contact person

Interested consultants are requested to submit their proposal to NPA latest by 6th November 2014. For further information and documents supporting your proposal writing, please contact to:

Hoang Thi Xuan Diem,
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 04 37264912
Cellphone: 0914322427

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
The Norwegian People's Aid (NPA)
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2014-11-06