Consultant to Support the Preparation of SNV Evaluation – Gathering and Systematizing of Data

1. Objective of the consultancy
To gather and systematise necessary monitoring and evaluation data of SNV’s on-going projects/programme and 3 selected cases in Vietnam.

1. Scope of work consultant in Vietnam
1. Perform a detailed quality check of the uploaded documentation of the three cases; identify gaps and additional information needs. The focus will be on the following issues:
a. Intervention logic (i.e. assumptions, intended strategies, results chain of intended outputs, expected outcomes and impact) and key indicators;
b. Data availability and quality: base-line, monitoring and evaluation data for key indicators, from SNV internal and external sources.
2. Prepare concrete and realistic work plan for additional information gathering (what, how, from where, by whom and when) based on gap analysis .
Identify internal and external evidence for the results achieved and SNVs role in achieving these results. 
3. Improve intervention logic if needed for on-going projects; in close consultation with involved SNV staff
4. Collect additional information, as stipulated in the work plan
5. Fill all relevant collected results data in the standardized SNV Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) format,  with the help of SNV staff.
6. Prepare progress report and end report

2. Deliverables
1. Gap analysis, work plan, progress report and end report:
Gap analysis: identifies information needs for the 3 selected cases. To be filled in in the check-list format.
Work plan: shows how (methods of data gathering), from where (sources) and by whom the additional information will be obtained, within the time frame. To be filled in in the check-list format. Deadline: 9th September 2011
Work plans will be revised and approved by SNV by 13th September.
Progress report: monitors what in the work plan has been done and what still needs to be done before the 26th of October. The already gathered information needs to be filled in in the PME format (see deliverable 2 below). Deadline: 15th October 2011
End report: shows which information has been collected to fill the gaps and how this information has been collected, according to the work plan. To be filled in in the check-list format. Deadline 27th October 2011

2. Filled in PME format at intervention level: with the data gathered above, PME formats will be filled in for the three selected cases per country, together with SNV advisors.
deadline draft: 15th October 2011. To be reviewed by SNV (deadline 21st October 2011).
deadline final version: 26th October 2011

3. Duration consultancy
The consultancy takes place will start shortly in early September till October 2011. 

4. Requirements:
- Experience in international development projects for at least 5 years and experience with SNV projects/programmes is a plus
- Experience in the project design and evaluation
- Strong analytical skills
- Familiar with M&E framework, knowledge and experience on result chain is a plus

Interested candidates are invited to send their CV and proposal to
SNV Vietnam
Attn: Gemma Jones
6floor building B, La Thanh Hotel, 218 Doi Can Hanoi or
Email: [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Sat, 2011-09-10