Consultant Team for Production of Documentary Films

AgResults Vietnam Emissions Reduction Pilot: Terms of Reference for Documentary Film Production

1.    Introduction

As an agricultural-based economy, rice production and export play a key role in creating jobs and livelihoods for more than 70% of the population of Vietnam. According to the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change, the agriculture sector accounts for 33% of total non-carbon dioxide GHG emissions, of which rice cultivation accounts for approximately 50%. To address this challenge, the AgResults Vietnam Emissions Reduction Pilot has been designed to develop, test, and scale up innovative technologies, tools, and approaches to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the land cultivation and production stages for rice, ultimately reducing poverty, protecting the environment, and preparing for climate change. The project utilizes a pull mechanism, an innovative finance mechanism that provides monetary incentives to a diverse pool of actors to overcome market barriers to achieve significant GHG emissions reductions. The project will be implemented in Thai Binh province in the Red River Delta of Vietnam for the period of 2016 – 2021.

In June 2017, The AgResults Vietnam Emissions Reduction Pilot has successfully selected 11 Implementers to participate in the national-scale contest to demonstrate their proposed rice farming technologies that aims to increase yield and decrease the GHG emissions from rice cultivation process. The demonstration site is in 6 different districts and communes in Thai Binh province. To document the implementation of each set of proposed rice farming technology, we are looking for a qualified and experienced consultant team to film the on-farm technology implementations at various key stages of all 11 selected Implementers. Exact timelines to be defined with crop specific information. The consultant team is expected to start the work from 2nd or 3rd week of June 2017.

2.    Key Assignment: Production of Documentary films

2.1 Objective: To produce raw filming footages (no post-production) that feature the implementation activities and innovative technologies of 11 implementers in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the land cultivation and production stages for rice.

2.2 Target audiences: 

  • Agricultural input providers;
  • Traders engaged in contract farming with rice farmers;
  • Agricultural cooperatives;
  • Producer associations/organizations;
  • Unions;
  • Other entities that assist, represent or serve producers and/or producer networks; or
  • Nonprofits/non-governmental organizations

2.3 Scope of work

  • Location: Thai Binh province
  • General requirements (detailed requirements will be discussed later with consultants):
    • The consultant team must have at least 03 team members on the field works
    • The consultant team must have at least 03 high quality cameras for different shots and angles
    • The consultant team must be available for filming as per timeline of SNV Vietnam
  • Supervision: The final deliverables must be under supervision of the Project Manager, Technical experts and Communications officer of SNV Vietnam.

2.4 Timeline:

  • Recruitment: June 2017 – W1,W2
  • Contracting: June 2017 – W2,W3
  • Field work plan in Thai Binh province (06-10 working days/month) (Payment will be made based on actual working days on the field): June 2017, W3 – October 2017
  • Final products delivery (All final raw footages will be delivered to Communications Officer of SNV Vietnam after each filming trips): June 2017, W3 – October 2017

3.    Requirements

  • Strong profile in videography, relevant experience in development works and agriculture would be a strong advantage.
  • Good understanding of the AgResults Vietnam Emissions Reduction Pilot through research and discussion with the project team

4.    How to apply?

Interested consultant(s) should send the following information:

  • Proposed day rate (including 10% PIT) - (Note: Consultant fee only. Other travel and accommodation costs will be separately covered by SNV Vietnam)
  • CV with detailed information and experience
  • Sample works  (documentary films, movie clips, etc)

Please send the proposal to the following email address: [email protected] by 17.00 hrs, 9th June 2017 with the title: “Documentary Film Production – AgResults”.

For further information on the AgResults Vietnam Emissions Reduction Pilot, please refer to the website:

The ToR is attached for your information

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2017-06-09