Consultant for Video Production on Safe & Organic Vegetables in Hanoi

VECO Vietnam is seeking a consultant to help produce and promote a series of videos to increase the visibility of the SOFF platform and help consumers gain a better understanding of safe and organic vegetables (S/OV).

1. Background

VECO Vietnam is the Vietnamese country office of the INGO with Belgian roots VECO International. VECO Vietnam’s main focus lies in sustainable agriculture and food safety. Food safety is a pressing issue in the mind of the Vietnamese consumer but sales of safe and organic vegetables in Hanoi are still relatively low. Research shows that this is due to a number of reasons such as a lack of knowledge about the locations of stores that sell S/OV and a lack of knowledge about safe and organic vegetables in general.

To help solve these issues VECO Vietnam developed and launched SOFF, the Safe & Organic Food Finder in early 2016. The SOFF platform consists of a website ( and an Android ( and iPhone ( ) app. The platform allows consumers in Hanoi to find stores in their neighborhood that sell safe and organic vegetables.

2. Objective

VECO Vietnam is seeking a consultant to manage the development and distribution of two types of videos: A) one short video about the SOFF platform specifically; and B) a series of short videos on S/OV. The specific goals of these videos are as follows:

  • SOFF-video: to introduce the SOFF platform to the target audience and persuade them to try it out.
  • The S/OV videos:
    • To attract more users to visit the SOFF platform;
    • To raise awareness about S/OV in the target audience.

The consultant will work together with VECO Vietnam staff on developing the videos’ concepts and the scenarios for the individual videos. The consultant will carry out the production of the videos, supported when necessary by VECO Vietnam or its partners. The consultant will also develop a distribution plan to reach as wide an audience as possible with the videos.

3. Requirements

VECO Vietnam has the following requirements for the videos:

  • Style: the videos need to be high-definition, attractive, fun and educational with a high potential to be distributed virally through social media;
  • Duration: the SOFF video should be around 1-2 minutes, whereas the series of S/OV videos (number to be defined in proposals) should preferably be around 1 minute each;
  • Target audience: the main target audience will be Vietnamese urban consumers between 16 and 45 that are active on social media;
  • Language: Vietnamese will be the primary language of the videos.
    Before starting the assignment, the consultant and VECO will agree on the most appropriate use of subtitles/text and choice of language.;
  • People-focused: VECO Vietnam prefers using footage and testimonies of real consumers, experts and farmers in the videos but does not exclude other types of content for one or more videos (e.g. animated or non-people- focused). VECO Vietnam can assist in finding the right people through its network.
  • Technical requirements: the videos’ technical requirements are as set out on Youtube’s recommended upload encoding settings:

4. Geographic scope of work

VECO Vietnam expects the videos to be produced in Hanoi and surrounding areas.

5. Period of consultancy engagement

The deadline for submission of the proposal is 10 May 2017 and the planned starting date of the engagement is the signing date of the contract, around 17 May 2017.

Draft versions of the videos are to be presented to VECO Vietnam by 5 July 2017 for comments. The final version of the videos and the publication platform is due on Thursday 17 July 2017.

After the videos have been finalized, the video distribution period, carried out by VECO will take place during the month of July and August.

6. Budget & Payment

The indicative budget for this consultancy is 215,000,000 VND or 9,450 USD.

The consultant will be paid in the following way:

  • 25% at the signing of the contract;
  • 25% after VECO Vietnam’s approval of the scripts and work plan
  • 50% following the submission of the final version of the videos and the delivery platform to VECO Vietnam

7. Administrative support

The consultant will receive support from VECO Vietnam staff when necessary

This support can include arranging contacts with partners in Hanoi and in the field, providing relevant background documents, monitoring the progress and quality of the video production and providing feedback and comments on scripts and draft videos.

8. Deliverables

The consultant will provide VECO Vietnam with the following deliverables:

  • A work plan, story boards and scripts in English based on inputs developed in cooperation with VECO Vietnam;
  • A video distribution plan;
  • Draft versions of the videos;
  • The finalized videos in two versions, delivered on a hard drive or DVD, depending on the size of the files:
    • The videos in a high quality, minimally compressed version;
    • The videos in a format that is viable for online publication;
  • All raw footage produced during the project.

VECO Vietnam will be the sole owner of all the deliverables and the data generated through this consultancy. The consultant can make use of the videos in its own communications after seeking and receiving written approval from VECO Vietnam.

9. Selection criteria

  • Relevant degree;
  • Demonstrated experience with developing highly engaging and creative video products;
  • Demonstrated experience with online and social marketing;
  • Excellent written and spoken Vietnamese and English;
  • Experience in project management;
  • Computer-proficiency;
  • Experience managing large groups of volunteers or actors;
  • Experience with S/OV is an asset;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Ability to relay information and give direction to staff;
  • Flexibility and adaptability

10. Submission of proposal

Candidates shall submit the following documents in English:

  • A proposal that includes the detailed financial and technical aspects of the consultancy (including number of working days, travel costs, VAT, etc.) and the creative approach that will be used;
  • An up-to- date CV of the consultant. In case the applicant is part of an organization, add an up-to- date portfolio of the organization;
  • Examples of previous work undertaken that relates to this project

Deadline for submission of applications: close of business, Wednesday 10 May 2017. VECO Vietnam will contact shortlisted candidates for personal interviews expected to take place on 12 and 15 May. Proposals must be addressed to VECO Vietnam Project Officer, Ms. Phan Thi Kim Nhung and Communication Officer, Ms. Charlotte Flechet, by sending an email to [email protected]vn and [email protected].

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
VECO Vietnam
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2017-05-10