Consultants at 3PAD PMU

Pro-poor Patnerships for Agro-forestry Development Project Management Unit (3PAD PMU) in Bac Kan Province is looking for consultants to carry out following services:

1. Group Management and Agribusiness Support for Common Interest Groups (CIGs)
2. Sloping Land Protection Impact Assessment of Forage Program and Assessment of Sustainability and Implementation Capacity of PES models of Community Forest Management Boards.
3. RIM+ surveying and assessment.
4. Assessment and Development of Project Completion Report.
5. Documentation of Lessons Learned from (Agribusiness Promotion Investment Fund) APIF Implementation.

(Please see the attached TORs for more information)

Deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest:  29 December 2014.

Address: 3PAD PMU Office, Group 5, Phung Chi Kien Ward, Bac Kan Town.
E-mail: [email protected]. or [email protected]

Job Details
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Mon, 2014-12-29