Consultants to Conduct Project Impact Assessment

Term of Reference: Impacts Assessment - Vietnam Industry Energy Efficiency Financing Project

I. Introduction

The World Bank and the Government of Vietnam is preparing an Industry Energy Efficiency Financing Project. The proposed Project Development Objective is to improve energy efficiency of selected energy end-users in key energy-consuming sectors, thereby supporting the government to achieve its energy efficiency targets. The proposed project is part of the World Bank’s long term engagement to support Vietnam to increase energy savings and improve demand side energy efficiency. The project has two components: (a) energy efficiency investment lending, supporting energy conservation investments in industrial enterprises through the selected participating financial institutions (PFIs); and (b) technical assistance and capacity building, providing technical assistance and capacity building to MOIT, PFIs, and selected energy users and service providers for improving energy efficiency.  The World Bank is currently seeking qualified consultants to conduct impact assessment as part of the project preparation process.

II. Objective

This assessment is conducted to understand the potential impacts at community, organizational and individual levels once introducing industry energy efficiency investments under the proposed project. The specific objectives of the assessment include:

  • To identify and analyze the potential organizational impacts (positive and negative) and adaptation strategies of the concerned enterprises.
  • To identify and analyze the potential impacts (positive and negative with particular attention to gender and ethnic minority groups) and adaptation strategies of the employees working in the concerned enterprises.
  • To identify and analyze the perception of men and women living in communities in surrounding areas of concerned enterprises, about the potential impacts (positive and negative) caused by the proposed investments.
  • To provide recommendation/suggestion to inform the design of Bank funded project, ensuring that impacts (if any) on men and women respectively will be addressed.

III. Methodology

In the assessment proposal, the selected consultant may propose an appropriate methodology for the assessment. He/she may consider to use the following: (i) analyses of secondary data/documents; (ii) in-depth interview with key informant; (iii) Focus Group Discussion with relevant target audience.

IV. Scope of works

The selected consultants are expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Develop a complete assessment proposal (including for example, methodology, sample size, data collection tools, analysis strategy…)
  • Conduct a desk review of relevant documents (e.g. project related documents, similar studies/reports; employment records of implicated industries and institutions divided by gender and ethnicity)
  • Identify potential stakeholders/target groups for the assessment (e.g. policy maker, leader of enterprise, employees, surrounding communities)
  • Develop data collection tools (quantitative or qualitative) appropriate to different target groups (e.g. enterprise leaders, employee, community member, policy maker…) and conduct data collection in the selected enterprises.
  • Analyze data, draft and finalize the report

V. Deliverables

The selected consultants are expected to deliver the following outputs: (i) comprehensive assessment proposal; (ii) data collected from the field; (iii) final assessment report

VI. Qualification

  • Master degree in relevant fields (e.g. economic, sociology, anthropology, organization study etc.). PhD degree would be an advantage.
  • Good understanding of impact assessments in general, and in the context of ODA funded projects in particular.
  • Proven evidence of working experience in similar task, especially impact assessment in energy sector
  • Proven experience in gender disaggregated data collection and analysis.
  • Good analytical and synthesized skills
  • Excellent English and Vietnamese (speaking and writing)

VI. Selection process

Consultants will be selected in accordance to the World Bank’s policies. The fee and number of working days will be agreed with selected consultant based on their qualification, experience and the World Bank’s cost norm. Interested candidate could send their CV with contact details (e.g. email, phone number etc.) to Ms. Huynh Thanh Phuong at [email protected] before March 20, 2015.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
The World Bank (WB)
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2015-03-20