Consultants to Conduct Training on Policy Advocacy and Research Methods

PARAFF is seeking experienced consultants to conduct training on policy advocacy and research methods

The PARAFF secretariat in Hanoi is seeking to hire experienced Vietnamese individual consultants or groups of consultants to conduct two training sessions: a three-day training course on policy advocacy and a separate three-day training course on research methods, which are planned to be organised for our grantees in the second half of July 2014 (details are attached in Vietnamese).

The “Public Participation and Accountability Facilitation Fund” (PARAFF)

The Public Participation and Accountability Facilitation Fund (PARAFF) is a sub-component of the “Good Governance and Public Administration Reform Programme, Phase II (GOPA II), agreed upon between the Government of Denmark and Government of S.R. Vietnam.

Under PARAFF, support is provided to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) through a Grant Fund which provides project funding to Vietnamese NGOs on an application basis, combined with a capacity building facility for the NGOs and key partners.

PARAFF is co-funded by Danida (Denmark) and DfID (UK) and operates under the auspices of the Office of the National Assembly of Vietnam.

PARAFF provides support within the following areas:

  • Research on key issues related to the legislative process, democratic governance and NGOs roles in promoting public participation and accountability.
  • Awareness raising of NGOs and key partners regarding the rights and opportunities provided by the present legislation related to public participation and accountability.
  • NGO lead initiatives on monitoring of legislative processes, implementation of government policies and budgets at national and sub-national levels and feedback to Government and Elected representatives.
  • Strengthened networking among NGOs and other key stakeholders for enhanced engagement in legislative processes and policy dialogues with the National Assembly and the People’s Councils, and Government agencies at various levels.
  • Institutional and organisation capacity building initiatives for enhanced NGO engagement in legislative and policy making processes and monitoring.

Proposals should be sent [email protected] before 8th July 2014.

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Tue, 2014-07-08