Consultants for Longitudinal Case Study of the Internationalisation Process in ActionAid Vietnam

ActionAid is an international development agency whose aim is to fight poverty worldwide. Founded in the United Kingdom in 1972, for over 30 years, we have been growing and expanding to where we are today - helping the poorest and most excluded people in 47 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas in securing their rights and eradicating poverty.

In January 2014 ActionAid Vietnam (AAV) starts the process of transforming itself from a country programme line managed by the ActionAid International (AAI) International Secretariat into an independent national entity with membership of AAI.  During the three-year period, ending December 2016, AAV is expected to make the journey to become an independent NGO and autonomous member of AAI.

ActionAid is looking for professional researchers consultants for a longitudinal case study of the internationalisation process in ActionAid Vietnam. This study aims to capture and assess the changes in AAV during this process. The Terms of Reference is attached.

Purpose and scope of study

  • The purpose of the study is to collect data to assess the effects of internationalisation
  • The study will focus on four specific research areas: legitimacy; accountability; programmatic (bringing about change), and internal matters
  • The research team is encouraged to remain alert to and capture other, unexpected issues which may arise in the course of their work 

Expected outputs

  • Findings of the initial ‘baseline’ review by June 2014
  • A mid-term review by June 2015
  • The final review report by November 2016

Proposed methodology- guiding principles

  • Compatibility with AAV existing review processes
  • Study should align with AAV existing approaches to participation
  • Collection of new data with both qualitative and quantitative and attention to confidentiality
  • Presentation of findings would be appropriate to AAV staff and partners organisations: a well-written, succinct report which includes an incisive executive summary, examples to illustrate the lessons learned and recommendations clearly worded

Number of working days: estimated to be required is 50 days.

Requirement for key players in the review team and management of the study

The team should be balanced in terms of gender and respectful of regional/social sensitivities.

Independent Lead Researcher: 

  • A person who is independent of AAV
  • A Vietnamese speaker and based in country
  • Oversees the study throughout the three-year process
  • This could form part of a PhD thesis for someone knowledgeable about the range of issues this topic raises
  • Be responsible for finalising the methodology at each stage of the longitudinal study, recording, analysing and presenting the findings and proposing modifications

Other Review Team members: 

  • The team should comprise two members and remain constant throughout the three-year period
  • Team members would need to be available for two weeks work in June/July 2014, May/June 2015 and October/November 2016.
  • One member would have knowledge and experience of development work at community level in Vietnam, speak Vietnamese, and be prepared to travel within the country. 
  • The other member would have either worked within an international NGO, or have knowledge of them, and some experience of organisation issues such as decision-making processes, internal governance.  This person would not necessarily be a Vietnamese speaker.

Interested parties must submit their proposal with supporting documents (full curriculum vitae of proposed study team) in English by 30th May 2014 the latest to [email protected]. Subject: Proposal for ‘Longitudinal case study of the internationalisation process in ActionAid Vietnam’. Final selection will be done by 25th June 2014 the latest.

Only short-listed proposals will be contacted. Applications will not be returned.

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Wed, 2014-06-25