Research and Training Centre for Community Development (RTCCD) was established in 1996, known as an independent research centre. Its main building located in Ha Noi. Our main activities focus on mental health, maternal and child health and health system development sector.

RTCCD is currently selected as coordinating organization of the Evidence-based Health Policy Development (EBHPD). EBHPD is a group of organizations and individuals paying attention to reforming health policies towards equity, efficiency and sustainability. Our main duties include: (1) To coordinate and organize activities as planned; (2) To be legally responsible for receiving projects and administrating relation between EBHPD and other partners; (3) Responsible for signing contracts with individuals/organizations; and (4) Submit process report and outcomes as planned.

RTCCD is looking for 01 coordinator of EBHPD with detailed information as bellowed:

Type of work: Full time

Contract duration: 16 months (from 01/9/2014 to 31/12/2015), including 3 month probation period (during this period, the new coordinator receives support from the current one and RTCCD Board of Directors).

Working location: RTCCD main building, 39 Lane 255 Vong Street, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi. This position will be based in Hanoi and with travel to regional project sites as required.

Beneficiaries: Competitive salary and welfare policy according to organization regulation.

Scope of work: The coordinator is responsible for 2 main components: Group Administration and IBPs (Issue-based project) Administration.

Component 1: Group administration

  • To join in building and implementing quarterly action plans
  • To enhance the participation of group members in group activities and to be the main contact person between group and others
  • To coordinate the preparation and submit progress reports, Monitoring-Evaluating-Learning (MEL) reports and financial reports according to funders’ requests
  • To support implementing MEL and communication activities
  • To revise communication and management procedures developed by other team members

Component 2: IBPs administration

  • To prepare contracts (including budget) signed between RTCCD and group members in IBPs implementation (Issue Based Project – IBP)
  • To coordinate and conduct research and policy advocacy activities in IBPs
  • To provide supportive supervision to organizations/individuals participating in IBPs to ensure the project’s progress and quality

Requirement on skills and capacity

  • Obtain at least 5 years of working experience in relevant fields (Group/
  • Deep understanding of Viet Nam policy environment, especially key government agencies, communication agencies, civil social organizations and relevant stakeholders.
  • Knowledge on gender equity and diversity, and commitment to applying these principles to EBHPD’s work.
  • Skills of project management, M&E, planning, human resource and financial management.
  • Advanced level of English (in listening, reading, speaking and writing)
  • Analytical and report writing skills, including analysing scientific reports, management reports and health policy-oriented reports.
  • Priority to candidates obtaining at least 2 years of working experience in project management or relevant.

Required documents:

Interested applicants are invited to send application including:  cover letter, full CV in English with a passport-sized photo, photocopied certificates, IELTS/TOEFL report (if available) – officially notified copies are not required - no later than 5pm Hanoi time on 21th August 2014 to Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Mai at [email protected] or post to RTCCD office at No. 39, lane 255, Vong street, Hai Ba Trung dist. Hanoi.

Please subject your application with: Application for EBHPD Coordinator

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview in English language. Please do not contact us by phone in regards to your application.

Job Details
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Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2014-08-21