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WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organization, a truly global network active in more than 100 countries, with the headquarters located in Gland, Switzerland.

WWF was one of the first international non-governmental organizations to work in Vietnam, and is now the country’s leading conservation force. In 1985 WWF scientists began identifying key environmental threats and conflicts in Vietnam and based on that developed a first national conservation strategy. Ten years later, in 1995, WWF-Vietnam signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Vietnamese government as a commitment to work together to protect the natural landscapes, wildlife and resources of Vietnam, marking the official start of WWF’s activities there.

This year WWF celebrate its twenty year of conservation in Viet Nam. WWF wants to capture its achievements during the past 20 years and highlights current key works in a 20-minute documentary and and their successful stories in 07 – 10 clips, each last from 3-5 minutes. A film consultant is needed to complete this task with the following task detail and requirements based on available films materials which provided by WWF.


The consultant is required to:

  • 01 film( 20-minute media product) captures key achievements of WWF in the past 20 years in Vietnam and highlights key current works of WWF-Viet Nam;
  • Broadcasting of the 20 minute long media product on at least one of the key national TV channels
  • 07-10 clips, last from 3-5 minutes, which highlights key current works of WWF-Viet Nam and their successful stories, and opening and closing clips.

Task requirements

To complete the task, the consultant is require to:

  • Attend programme briefings provided by WWF’s staff;
  • Base on information provided by WWF, develop a detail film script which should be  approved by WWF before any fields trips to project sites;
  • Provide 01 final product in Vietnamese language and 01 final product in Vietnamese language with English subtitle with English translation provide by WWF-Viet Nam.
  • Provide 07-10 final clips in Vietnamese language and 07-10 final clips in Vietnamese language with English subtitle.
  • Provide B-roll after the task complete

Timeline for complete the task as follow:

1. Complete the technical script for 20 minutes film and 07 clips with content approval by WWF-Vietnam: 10 April
2. 1st draft of narrative for the film and 07 clips: 25 April
3. Final version of narrative: 30 April
4. 1st draft of the film and 07 clips: 5 May
5. 2nd draft of the film and 07 clips (after consultation with WWF): 10 May
6. 3rd draft of the film and 07 clips (after consultation with WWF): 15 May
7. Final version with Vietnamese language: 17 May
8. Final version with English subtitle: 20 May

4. Requirements

The consultant is required to:

  • Have sound experience in making film including: developing script; facilitate filming; excellent final productions;
  • Have experience in making film on conservation, nature, livelihood are added value;
  • Able to travel to remoted and difficult areas;
  • MUST finish work according to deadline above as the time for producing the product is tight.

The TOR is also posted on WWF web:

Interested applicants should email a cover letter and CV to:[email protected]

The application deadline is Friday, March 27, 2015. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted

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Fri, 2015-03-27