Inclusion Project: Policy Coordinator/Advisor

Position Title: Inclusion Project: Policy Coordinator/Advisor
Supervisor: Inclusion Project Manager
Location: Oxfam Office in Cambodia or Laos or Vietnam or Myanmar
Contract Type: Fixed Term, 3 years
Category: Nat Cat    C2/1
Date: As soon as possible   


Oxfam’s Mekong Regional Water Governance Program is led by Oxfam Australia and jointly implemented with Oxfam NOVIB (ON), Oxfam America and Mekong country teams. The program contributes to the East Asia Joint Regional Analysis and Strategy. The Inclusion Project is one of a number of sub-projects within this program.
The Inclusion Project is a 3.5 year AUD $6million project funded by DFAT as one of 4 pillars in the Australian Government’s Mekong Water Resources Program (AMWRP) 2014-17. Oxfam's program objective is to enable communities and civil society to be better able to realise sustainable livelihoods in the Mekong and Salween river basins. Our objectives are that we will achieve this by facilitating i). increased civil society participation and engagement in water resource governance; and ii).  promoting more open, inclusive, accountable and effective water resource governance. The program engages at regional scale, with partnerships and collaborations at country, regional and institutional levels.  It is managed by the cross sectional Mekong team.

The aim of this project is to improve participation by civil society in water management. With a focus on women’s leadership and involvement in water management the project will contribute to Oxfam’s goal of fair sharing of Natural Resources. The three Inclusion components will see Oxfam and its partners:

  • building the capacity of civil society to engage in water management;
  • focus on an improved consideration of gender in water management and hydropower development, and fostering women’s leadership; and
  • convene and join in opportunities for policy dialogue and influence on better water management and governance of water.

This work seeks to influence changes at the community and civil society level, as well as changes in policies and practices at the national and trans boundary level.


The position is responsible for the management and delivery of all policy work under this project. The position will form part of the Inclusion Project Team and work closely with OAU and ON staff and Oxfam country level teams. The position will work across three Inclusion component areas contributing to the two objectives outlined above. The position will also work closely with the policy coordinator in another Oxfam regional project (PEM) and link with other policy staff in the MRO /PIE team.

The position will play a lead role in the development of a policy analysis and influencing plan for Inclusion. The position will coordinate policy analysis, develop Oxfam public positions and identify research for the Inclusion project.

Core Responsibilities:

Project Specialty

  • Develop a regional political and power analysis for the Inclusion project, including baselines and outcome strategies.
  • Develop a regional policy influencing agenda for the Inclusion Program that delivers on the project objectives and is coordinated and has synergy with the other project pillars
  • Coordinate this regional policy influencing agenda with country level teams to ensure a coherent approach that enhances country level work.
  • Advise on and Contribute to Inclusion Project planning and implementation and coordinate policy influencing (at appropriate levels) into plans .
  • Coordinate with other team members to determine the content of policy dialogue
  • Monitor and advise the project management on the development and change in DFAT policies on water governance and gender to ensure the project achieves its objectives.
  • Identify areas for policy influencing and coordinate with the other pillars in the project and advise management which areas of work will contribute but should be conducted outside the project remit and funding.
  • Advise on and Contribute to Inclusion Program active citizenship approach by supporting allies and partners in policy influencing and manage partnerships in this area as determined by Inclusion Project Lead.
  • Represent Oxfam’s advocacy and policy priorities and positions to decision makers, policy makers, development practitioners and opinion formers including staff of international financial institutions, government agencies and intergovernmental bodies
  • Contribute to Oxfam’s analysis and recommendations in regard to international best practices, such as free, prior, informed consent, standards around environmental and social protection.
  • Coordinate with the capacity building coordinator to ensure that policy influencing skills are included in the capacity building plan
  • Participate in relevant external debates, networking and dissemination of learning and analysis amongst allied organisations and community groups in pursuit of agreed policy influencing strategies and priorities
  • Ensure that regional and national policy influencing work is culturally and politically sensitive, informed by and linked to Oxfam’s work with civil society and communities

Business Services

  • Advise, Initiate and contribute to the development and periodic review of Oxfam policies relating to Natural Resource Management and Water Governance in the Mekong
  • Advise internal key stakeholders on policy and political aspects regarding water and resource governance and in sectoral disciplines related to the Inclusion Project.
  • Ensure support is provided to Inclusion Project staff and partners in all aspects of policies and sector codes of good practice.
  • Lead on the integration and compliance of Oxfam’s policies and relevant sector codes of good practice.


  • The position has no responsibility for the management of staff; but works to advise and support regional staff in areas of responsibility and may manage short term consultancies
  • Provide strategic leadership in area of expertise and contribute to matrix management especially regarding policy and political analysis throughout the Mekong region..
  • Coordinate delegated accountabilities for project risks and report regularly.
  • Contribute to the implementation and compliance of Oxfam administrative, health, safety and security policies and frameworks.
  • Accountable to the Inclusion Project Manager; and works closely with policy staff in head office and within the Mekong regional office.

Representation and Relationships

  • Represent the project to DFAT and engage with them on policy dialogue
  • A member of the Inclusion Project Team.
  • Attend relevant Oxfam and external meetings and provide backstop support to the Mekong Regional Program manager on an as needs basis
  • Build networks and collaborate with local and international organizations working in the same scope of work.
  • Participate actively in wider organizational development and change processes and teams.

Professional Attributes:

  • Problem Solving:  Uses clear and innovative thinking to solve problems and ensures supervisors are made aware of any risks.
  • Continuous Learning:  Demonstrates a commitment to own professional development by actively participating in continuous learning. 
  • Self Awareness: Is aware of own strengths and development needs and seeks to improve style, skills and performance including cultural and gender sensitivities.
  • Adaptability:  Adjusts approach and thinking to work effectively in a variety of situations and with different people.

Skills and Experience:

  • Advanced knowledge of the development issues relevant to the policy influencing focus of NRM and Water Governance, with a specific focus on the Mekong region. 
  • Representational, lobbying, liaison, negotiation and networking skills
  • Written and oral communication skills, including cross cultural communication and writing for policy influencing.
  • Development of research projects and analysis and presentation of data to different audiences
  • Advanced knowledge of gender analysis and issues experienced in the region and social and environmental analysis techniques
  • Leadership skills and the ability to motivate others
  • Receptiveness to new ideas and a capacity to analyse those of practical value
  • Initiative and a capacity to work as a member of a team
  • Knowledge of current research and policy development techniques and processes and how they apply in the Mekong region.
  • In-depth expertise of Mekong regional development and key institutions and actors involved
  • Experience working in environments with political sensitivities
  • Relevant computer skills, which include experience in using project management software tools, PowerPoint, Word and Excel
  • Excellent written ( writing) and oral communication skills in English, Mekong language competency preferred.
  • An ability to undertake significant travel to support program teams and partners in multiple countries, and to join field based work.


Participation and support for partner meetings and workshops will require frequent travel within the Mekong region and occasional travel outside the region.


The salary will be set according to the Oxfam national remuneration guidelines.


Send your applications for this position by email to [email protected] before the deadline on Monday 12th January 2015, 5.00 pm Cambodian Time.

We would like to receive a cv and a cover letter stating your motivation for the application and an example of a report written by you. Don’t send copies of diploma’s/certificates, recommendation letter etc.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Cambodia or Laos or Vietnam or Myanmar
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2015-01-12