Institutional/Corporate service for “Market Assessment on Corporate Social Responsibility in Viet Nam”.

UNICEF VIET NAM is looking for qualified Institutional/Corporate service for “Market Assessment on Corporate Social Responsibility in Viet Nam”.
Summary of the Assignment
As part of ongoing efforts to develop a coherent and strategic approach to UNICEF’s engagement on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Viet Nam, the UNICEF Viet Nam office has interest in identifying the gaps and needs in fulfilling the agenda for children as it relates to the work of the private sector. The proposed research will inform UNICEF CSR strategy on key issues and opportunities in engaging companies on CSR and will also feed into the process of developing UNICEF’s CSR strategy in Viet Nam.
The main purpose of this assessment is to understand which corporate sectors are investing in child focused CSR and the extent to which they are doing so, as well as understanding the general perception of these activities, in order to develop a country specific strategic approach to prospecting for, and responding to, future child focused CSR partnerships.

The overall study objectives are as follows:
a. Overview of what industry sectors are currently investing most in CSR overall and in CSR activities focused on children
b. Overview of how different industry practices impact on children’s rights in work place, market place and community
c. Identification of gaps and opportunities in engaging with the business sector on CSR by industry sector (based on analysis of a) and b) above. In Viet Nam, these will be directed by the issues which are priorities within the Country Programme
d. Identifying and presenting the most important corporate actors engaging in child focused CSR illustrating how, why and what kind of CSR activities and in partnership with whom.
e. Taking stock of the public perception of the importance of child focused CSR as well as of the companies engaging in child focused CSR.
f. Development of knowledge-base that can be used for UNICEF advocacy at country level.

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UNICEF Vietnam
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Mon, 2012-11-26