Institutional/Corporate Service for the “Review of the Multi-dimensional Child Poverty Methodology and Institutionalization into National Poverty Monitoring System”

UNICEF VIETNAM is looking for qualified institutional/Corporate service from International and National organizations for the “Review of the Multi-dimensional Child Poverty methodology and institutionalization into national poverty monitoring system”

Summary of the Assignment


The purpose of the assignment is to undertake background research that informs strategies to strengthen the sustainability of the Multi-dimensional Child Poverty through: a) refinement of the MDCP methodology and b) development of a plan for the institutionalization for child poverty monitoring. 

Scope of work, Deliverables and Timeline:

The assignment under this contract include: 

1.Refine MDCP methodology based on a technical review of the current MDCP methodology, its application and relevance to policy advocacy and monitoring, identify comparative advantage with other poverty monitoring systems, data source, and international practices in consultation with relevant counterparts, particular GSO and MOLISA.
2.Conduct a calculation, analysis and data interpretation using the refined MDCP methodology, MICS 5 and VHLSS 2014 compiled into a report.
3.Identify the current capacity gaps in the analytical skills of GSO staff by applying the revised MDCP methodology and mainstreaming MDCP into the poverty monitoring systems
4.Develop a roadmap with key strategies, milestones, plan for institutional capacity development and resource requirements to inform policy dialogue on the institutionalization of MDCP.
5.Develop an Action plan and next steps on the methodology and institutionalization of MDCP jointly agreed between MOLISA, GSO and UNICEF, informing the direction and future priority areas for cooperation.

Major duties and Responsibilities and Required Qualifications:

Please refer to these websites with attached Request for proposal and Terms of Reference:;;;    and
or direct email to [email protected] to receive detailed Request for proposal (and for queries only)


Proposals should also be emailed to email address: [email protected]

The Service Providers are requested to submit the proposals in 2 parts: technical proposal and financial proposal.

Deadline for submission: Proposals MUST be received by latest 16:00 p.m local time on 15 July 2015. Proposal for Services received after the stipulated date and time will be invalidated.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
UNICEF Vietnam
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2015-07-15