Interim Chief of Party for the USAID SHIFT Project

USAID Sustainable HIV Response From
Technical Assistance (USAID SHIFT)

Consultant Scope of Work

I. Background

USAID SHIFT is a five-year contract managed by FHI 360 originally awarded to help local stakeholders achieve and sustain epidemic control. The purpose of USAID SHIFT is to strengthen human, organizational, and systems capacity to lead the national HIV and AIDS and TB response and deliver innovative enhancements in HIV and AIDS and TB services. USAID SHIFT is organized around two main areas to address both HIV and TB:

1. Provide direct service delivery to achieve targets in priority provinces and transition services in maintenance and priority provinces.

  • Task 1.1: Scale-up services along the entire CoPC in PEPFAR/Vietnam priority provinces and USAID TB priority provinces to achieve “90-90-90” HIV case-finding, care, and treatment targets, and to achieve TB and MDR-TB active case-finding, treatment and prevention targets.
  • Task 1.2: Maintain direct service delivery (DSD) and then fully transition ownership of remaining sites in maintenance provinces supported through the USAID SMART TA Project.

2. Provide demand-driven HIV/AIDS and TB technical assistance.

  • Task 2.1: Establish a demand-driven mechanism for technical assistance (TA) provision.
    • Subtask 2.1.1: Provide demand-driven TA at the national level and provincial levels to build sustainable HIV/AIDS and TB services and systems.
    • Subtask 2.1.2: Deliver demand-driven TA at the site level in priority and maintenance PEPFAR/Vietnam provinces and in USAID TB priority provinces to ensure quality and maintainable HIV/AIDS and TB services.

II. Technical Specifications

FHI 360 seeks a full-time consultant to provide interim leadership support to the USAID SHIFT project and senior TB and HIV technical assistance. This consultancy is based in Hanoi. Specific responsibilities follow.

Leadership responsibilities:

  • Manage administrative, programmatic and technical aspects of the project
  • Oversee project implementation, ensuring on-time, quality delivery within budget
  • Monitor budget/spending
  • Supervise project leadership team
  • Revise the project structure, as needed to reflect scope of work and select, develop and evaluate project personnel to ensure the efficient operations as well as
  • achievement of targets and results
  • Ensure achievement of HIV and TB targets each quarter
  • Identify technical assistance (TA) needs and secure TA providers
  • Lead development of annual work plan and budget for submission to USAID for approval
  • Revise M&E plan to reflect TB indicators and targets
  • Serve as primary point of contact with USAID Vietnam

Technical responsibilities:

  • Design and lead the team to conduct an assessment of the TB situation in USAID priority provinces to inform workplan development and target setting
  • Develop TB management models for demonstration in USAID priority provinces
  • Establish effective relationships with key Government of Vietnam officials in TB and HIV


  • Weekly programmatic, technical and budget updates provided to the consultant’s supervisor
  • Biweekly project updates provided to USAID
  • Proposed revised project structure
  • Quarterly technical reports
  • Approved annual work plan and budget for the project
  • Revised M&E plan
  • TB assessment design and assessment report
  • Draft TB management models. Number and content to be at the direction of the consultant’s supervisor

IV. Qualifications

Candidates should meet the following qualifications:

  • A master’s degree or its international equivalent or higher in public health or a related area. MD preferred
  • More than 10 years of professional experience in public health, particularly leading and designing health programs, particularly TB
  • At least 7-10 years of professional experience in project management and leadership, including experience managing USAID funded projects
  • Proven experience working with government officials, particularly MoH, to support strategy development, implementation plans and decision making
  • Proven experience with USAID regulations in financial and accounting management per USAID guidelines
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Vietnamese


Interested parties can apply by emailing to [email protected] by July 17, 2019.

Application should comprise:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV) in English
  • USAID 1420 biodata form (available at this Link).

Final candidate must receive approval from USAID Vietnam.


  • Deliverables will be submitted to the consultant’s supervisor, Jacqueline McPherson, Regional Director, Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • Payment may be requested on a monthly basis after completion of each month are completed and approved by the Regional Director
Job Details
Organisation Name: 
FHI 360
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2019-07-17