International Fund Raising Expert (Part-time)

Project Management Unit “Vietnam Climate Innovation Centre (VCIC)”

Terms of Reference

Position:            International Fund Raising Expert (Part-time)

Work place:            Hanoi, Vietnam (travel is required, within Vietnam and abroad)

Domestic Partner:        Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam

I. Project background

Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) with the support of the World Bank (WB), the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has launched the Vietnam Climate Innovation Center Project (VCIC).

The VCIC will support Vietnam’s economic development, job creation and industrial competitiveness through support to clean technology businesses and industries. Through provision of financing and non-financial services, the VCIC will support local entrepreneurs that develop innovative technologies and business models in a range of climate technology-related areas. The VCIC will also provide a platform to create national and international business-to-business linkages, enhance knowledge sharing and facilitate trade. The VCIC will become the focal point of innovative commercial development of profitable climate-related business in Vietnam and potentially South East Asia. As a member of Climate Innovation Center Network, the VCIC will leverage existing practices and experience to support clean technology ventures and industries (see more information on the infoDev Climate Technology Program at

The project activities consist of three components:

  • Component I. Establishment, operation of VCIC and policy feedback: administrative activities in establishing VCIC; supporting policy improvement and public-private partnership in the climate change innovation field; and establishing a fund for technology incubation and commercialization of technology in responding to climate change.

  • Component II. Business incubation/climate innovation technology services, including sponsor for companies: support to clean tech start-up ideation (idea incubation and competition); business incubation services including training, mentorship, connectivity and boosting investment; and supporting commercialization. Additionally, it involves sponsoring select entrepreneurs and their ideas through grant competitions.

  • Component III. E-portal, database and services to support business: creation of the VCIC e-portal; setting up database on technology, market opportunities, enterprises, climate change – related experts; and dissemination, exploration and efficient use of the database.

VCIC operates under Vietnam Government’s regulations on management and use of ODA (Decree No. 16/2016/N?-CP and other related documents). The project governing body is the Ministry of Science and Technology. The project management unit is the National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC). Main related parties include: Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Planning and Development, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Finance.

Services provided by the VCIC

  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Acceleration, including advisory services; mentoring and business training; access to start-up facilities; and a women’s entrepreneurship program.

  • Access to Finance, including proposal evaluation; proof of concept grants; access to seed funding; and access to commercial investors and banks.

  • Market Growth and Access through the production of market studies and reports on climate technology markets and trends and facilitation of national and international linkages.

  • Technology and Product Development, principally by facilitating access to technical services, design, prototyping and testing and a network of national and international experts.

  • Policy & Regulatory Support through research and policy advocacy.

VCIC has been operational for less than a year, with a portfolio of 18 incubatees (Start-ups and Small Enterprises) currently working on technological innovations and new business models in the areas of: Energy Efficiency; Sustainable Agriculture; Renewable Energy; Transport; Water; and IT for clean-technologies.

The selection of International Fund Raising Expert follows the method of Individual Consultant Selection (ICS) (in accordance with “Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and Grants by World Bank Borrowers” dated January 2011, revised July 2014) and subject to prior review of the World Bank.

II. Objectives

The main objectives of hiring an International Fund Raising Expert are described below:

  • To build VCIC’s organizational capacity for the delivery of ‘Fund Raising Support Services’ to VCIC supported start-ups/small enterprises.

  • To study the fund raising landscape relevant to VCIC supported start-ups/small enterprises in the climate/clean-technology space and provide them with practical support for raising: grants; low cost debt; and equity from international and domestics sources.

  • To assist VCIC in the development of ‘VCIC Fund Raising Strategy’ that secures long-term sustainability through a mix of public and private funding using both the domestic and international sources.

  • Write 4-5 specific ‘Grant Proposals’ based on the needs and long-term strategy of VCIC, that address the immediate funding opportunities available from bilateral and multilateral donors focussing on climate/clean technology innovations.

  • Assist VCIC in raising a donor funding of at least USD 10 million before June 2018.

III. Scope of work

The scope of the International Fund Raising Expert’s services are described below:

  1. Capacity buiding for VCIC staff in the delivery of ‘Fund Raising Support Services’

To ensure that the domestic VCIC Portfolio Managers are able to deliver effective ‘Fund Raising Support Services’ to the VCIC supported enteprises, the Consultant will prepare a ‘Good-Practice Manual’ that details the steps to be followed, using the examples in VCIC’s portfolio of 35-40 enterprises.

The development of the ‘Good-Practice Manual’ should not only be based on the Consultant’s own experiences of the best practices used by them at other clean-tech start-ups/enterprises, , but also adapt to the conditions in Vietnam based on the Consultant’s practical work with VCIC Portfolio Managers in supporting some of the VCIC supported enterprises.

  1. Fund raising Support to start-ups/enterprises in VCIC portfolio

Survival and commerical sustainability of Climate/Clean-technology innovations by start-ups/small enterprises depend heavily on their ability to raise funds in time at the least cost. It is of vital importance for VCIC to create a sufficient number of examples in Vietnam that can demonstrate such successes for others to emulate.

Using the ‘Good Practice Manual’ developed under item 1 above, and in cooperation with the VCIC portfolio managers, the Fund Raising Expert will contribute to the success of 5 or more VCIC supported enterprises with at least 1 in each of the above mentioned 5 focused areas of VCIC assistance.

  1. Assist in the development of the ‘VCIC fund raising strategy’ document

VCIC is currently funded by the Climate Technology Program (Australia and UK) of the World Bank and the Ministry of Science & Technology (Vietnam) through grants. The long-term financial sutainability of VCIC is dependent on securing an optimal mix of public and private sources of funding.

Based on analyses of the international donor funding landscape for clean/climate technology innovations and the latest support mechanisms for transfer of clean/climate technology innovations from the developed to developing worlds, the Fund Raising Expert will develop a

‘VCIC fund raising strategy’ document to secure donor grant funding for VCIC till the end of 2022.

  1. Writing of ‘Grant Proposals’ addressing the immediate international donor funding opportunities

In tune with the ‘VCIC fund raising strategy’ document developed under the above item 3, the Fund Raising Expert will write at least 4 complete ‘Grant Proposals’ that address the immediate opportunities offered by the following international donors:

  • Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Australia

  • Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canada

  • Japan International Cooperation Agency

  • Korean International Cooperation Agency

  • Green Climate Fund, and

  • Other relevant donors.

In order to be successful in raising at least USD 10 million in grant funding of VCIC, the Fund Raising Expert will need to prepare a detailed situation report analysing the relevant current funding priorities of the international donors in the climate/clean technology innovations space with a clear timeline that acts as a guide for VCIC in the follow-up effort.

  1. Assist VCIC in raising a donor funding of at least USD 10 million before June 2018

Using the ‘Grant Proposals’ prepared under the above item 4, the Fund Raising Expert will assist VCIC in following-up with the international donors and attend to all practical issues relating to the successful transition to signing up of ‘Grant Agreements’ that can result in at least USD 10 million in funding for VCIC supported activities.

IV. The Expert is responsible for the following deliverables:





Capacity buiding for VCIC staff in the delivery of ‘Fund Raising Support Services

  • A ‘Good Practice Manual’ in English;

  • Brief introduction of bilateral and multilateral donors, investment funds

  • Evaluation process and criteria, templates and forms

  • On-the-job training of 4 Portfolio Managers of VCIC


Fund raising support to start-ups/enterprises in VCIC portfolio

  • Fund Raising Action Plans for 10 or more VCIC supported enterprises with at least 2 in each of the above mentioned focused areas of VCIC assistance

  • Success in raising: grant; low-cost debt or equity for 5 or more VCIC supported enterprises with at least 1 in each of the above mentioned 5 focused areas of VCIC assistance;


Assist in the development of the ‘VCIC fund raising strategy’ document

  • ‘VCIC Fund Raising Strategy’ document in English and Vietnamese


Writing of “Grant Proposals’ addressing the immediate international donor funding opportunities

  • At least 4 ‘Grant Proposals’ targeting international donors;

  • Detailed ‘International Donor Funding Availability Report’ for climate/clean-technology innovation space with specific reference to Vietnam including suggestions to make VCIC relevant to donor priorities.


Assist VCIC in raising a donor funding of at least USD 10 million before June 2018;

  • Meetings and follow-up with the international donors to help VCIC succeed in raising at least USD 10 million in funding before June 2018


Other tasked assigned by the PMU Director and CEO


V. Time Frame and estimated input:

About 4 months of consulting input, starting in September 2017 (please note the start/end date of the assignment may change due to unavoidable circumstances in which case a revised timeframe will be drawn up with the mutual agreement of both parties)

VI. Qualifications and experience requirements

  • Master’s degree in  Business Administration; International Development or related subjects;

  • At least 10 years experience in international donor fundraising related to Private Sector / SME Development;

  • Expertise with fundraising for start-ups and small enterprises, and business incubation;

  • Proven successful track record in writing ‘grant proposals’ and fundraising;

  • Communication, presentation and persuasion skills;

  • Good understanding of funders, bilateral and multi-lateral donors, funds and foundations in Climate/Clean-technology Innovation space;

  • Understanding of Vietnamese investment regulations is an advantage;

  • Proficiency in speaking and writing English;

  • Ability and willingness to work under tight deadlines and on urgent tasks;

  • Willingness to travel and conduct on-site visits to VCIC clients located across Vietnam;

VII. Reporting requirements

The Expert will report to:

Project Managing Unit (PMU) of Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (VCIC)

Address: 8th floor, Hoang Sam Building, 260-262 Ba, Ha Ba Trung dist., Ha Noi

Tel            : 04 32575555

Fax            : 04 32151555

E-mail            : [email protected]

VIII. Submission of application

Interested candidates are invited to submit their (1) Letter of Interest and (2) Curriculum Vitae with a list of 3 referees to VCIC office via email at [email protected] by 25th  August 2017. Review of applications will be on a rolling basis. Late submission will not be considered.

For further inquiries regarding this assignment, please contact Project Assistant, Ms. Le Thanh Nhan at [email protected].

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (VCIC)
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2017-08-25