International Town-planning Advisor (ITPA)

Technical support unit for Water management and urban development in relation to climate change in the provinces of Ha Tinh, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan (Technical support Unit – TSU) is a project sponsored by the Government of Belgium. Owned by the Department of Science, Education, Natural resources and Environment (Ministry of Planning and Investment), TSU is responsible for providing technical support to provincial projects within its program.

TSU is seeking for a capable international advisor on town-planning with follow information:

1.   Tasks and responsibilities

The International town-planning advisor (ITPA) will function on a part-time basis working in close coordination with the project Vietnamese Coordinator and the project co-leader (international advisor) and the National Town Planning Advisor (NTPA). Reporting to the TSU direction the ITPA shall:

  • Support the 3 provinces to gather and analyse data related to urban development issues in terms of climate change.
  • Collect and analyse possible urban planning strategic plans and policies designed at regional or provincial levels in Vietnam or in nearby or similar countries and which could be used to draft adapted documents for the program.
  • Identify the relevant legal and strategic framework related to urban development and climate change, provide a critical analysis of this framework and identify possible gaps.
  • Give advice on the ways that modelled and recorded technical data on flooding, meteorology and climate change should influence the urban planning and water management processes within the three provinces.
  • Develop in a participatory way a comprehensive and detailed strategy to guide the spatial planning process within the three provinces in order to integrate CC issues. For this the ITPA will develop a Terms of Reference to engage consultants to update urban planning in the target areas.
  • Introduce advanced studies and good practice for Vietnam and neighbouring countries on urban climate change resilience and its index for practicing in monitoring and evaluation.
  • Guide the process of defining the framework for a participatory approach at provincial level aiming at elaborating the structural strategic plan for the 3 provinces.
  • Provide technical advice and guidance to the relate ministries, PCU, province departments, and consultants in charge of the revision of the master plans on all aspects of urban development, urban planning, energy efficient buildings, and participatory planning.
  • Support the public awareness activities related to energy efficient and sustainable planning at the provincial level.
  • Ensure capture and integration of lessons learnt and experience drawn in the implementation of project activities related to urban planning, including the preparation of concept notes.
  • Contribute to the organisation of national and/or regional workshops to stimulate coordination between central and provincial levels and to provide feedback on planning issues and gather reflections and input from Vietnamese and International partners.
  • Translate in concrete terms how the climate change and urban development issues (related to both adaptation and mitigation measures) should be communicated to public authorities, the private sector and the local communities and elaborate an action plan to be implemented by the programme.
  • Collect and review technical documents related to adaptation of human settlements and housing to natural disasters and climate change and propose appropriate solutions specific to the 3 provinces.
  • Support and contribute to capacity development activities at both national and provincial levels related to urban development, especially in the fields of strategic structural planning, adaptation of settlements to climate change, sustainable planning, energy and water efficient buildings and climate resilience.
  • Support local authorities and PCUs by providing technical guidance to the consultants in charge of the master plan revision.

2.   Qualifications

It is preferred that the candidate has:

  • University degree in town-planning from a recognised international university. Masters or higher level degree is preferred
  • At least 12 years relevant experience in urban spatial planning, with a minimum of 5 years relevant experience in developing countries for international cooperation projects
  • Experience in integration of the climate change issues into the urban planning process
  • Demonstrated experience in strategic structural planning, sustainable urban development, and participatory planning
  • Familiar with capacity building and institutional strengthening aspects at the level of local government
  • Familiarity with the Vietnamese context is highly preferred
  • Proven capacities to work in an intercultural team
  • Good communication and analytical skills
  • Fluency in spoken English excellent writing skills in English.

3.   Duty station and working arrangements

The ITPA is to be based in Hanoi, Vietnam and will work in the offices of the TSU under the technical supervision of the international co-coordinator. Frequent travels should be expected to Ha Tinh, Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan provinces. Local technical support will be provided by the National Town-Planner Advisor.

4.   Duration and timing

The assignment duration is 8 months to commence in Quarter 3 with an input of 6 weeks to focus mainly on an initial appraisal of conditions and to develop the TOR for updating urban planning in the target cities and towns. Subsequent intermittent inputs shall be timed during late 2016 and over 2017 to coincide with key implementation periods in activities of the provinces.

5.   Consultation Fee and Obligations

The ITPA will be paid based on the basis of negotiation and agreement in the consultancy contract.  Consulting fee will be paid based on time / date of implementation of tasks.

The ITPA is exempt from income tax on wages under Decision No 119/1009 / QD-TTg dated 1/10/2009 of Prime Minister promulgated the Regulation on foreign experts implementing ODA programs and projects in Vietnam.

6.   Applications from interested candidates

Interested candidates are invited to apply for this position.

Submissions must include:

-        Letter of application
-        Consultant's CV in English
-        Copies of certificates of related expertise.

7.   Submission deadline

16:00 October 24, 2016

Written submissions must be sent in hardcopy to:

Technical Support Unit Project
Address: R.401-402, B5 Building, Van phuc Diplomatic Compound, 298 Kim ma street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi

or to email:[email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Technical Support Unit Project
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2016-10-24