Local Consultant in the Pre-appraisal for Project Formulation

1. Introduction

Since the year 2004 the Danish Association of the Disabled (DHF) has collaborated with the Danish Society of Polio and Accident Victims (PTU) regarding support to the disability sector in Vietnam. During an initial phase, the DHF administered PTU’s support, including assistance to a local partner, the “Disabled People’s Organization Hanoi” (DP Hanoi). Starting in 2014, the two organisations decided to support a project titled “Cooperation with Provincial DPO’s in Vietnam.” The project is financed by the Danish Disability Fund.

The ongoing project works with the development objective that organisations of disabled in Vietnam shall be efficient in their defence of PWD’s legal rights and national and international legislation are under constant monitoring by a strong disability movement. To achieve this the project focuses on a) improved leadership and management skills for efficient running of organisations, and b) improved capacity for advocacy, based on plans and practical experiences. The implementing partners are the Vietnam Federation on Disability (VFD), and four Disabled Peoples Organizations, being DP Hanoi, DP Ha Nam, DP Ninh Binh and DP Nam Dinh.

In the second half of 2015 a joint meeting between the existing partner organisations and PTU/DHF was held in Hanoi to discuss the review of the ongoing project. Here a roadmap for the formulation of a second phase project was proposed. These plans where approved by the project board at the end of 2015.

An independent consultant was commissioned to conduct the mid-term review of the ongoing project. The review was completed in July 2016. Since then, its recommendations have been discussed on the project board and PTU/DHF started the process of preparing the pre-appraisal of the next project phase.

This ToR has to be seen in the context described above and has been formulated to define the roles and responsibilities of the Local Consultant in pre-study.

2. Objective of the involvement of the Local Consultant

The objective of the hiring of a local consultant is to assist in the pre-appraisal with an analysis of the development context in the provinces and districts where the project is planned.

The five provinces to be subject for the situation analysis are Hanoi, Ha Nam, Ham Dinh, Thai Binh, and Hai Duong.

3. Scope of work

The local consultant to be hired shall engage in the overall situation analysis with the following tasks:

  1. Description of the general development context in the five mentioned provinces, and a description of government policies that impact social organisations, such as the disability movement.
  2. A situation analysis of other development projects on-going in the five provinces, including a general donor mapping. This analysis should also describe the differences in development projects between the districts.
  3. An analysis of provincial and district strategies on people with disabilities. The analysis should include a description of local action plans on PWDs. 
  4. Identify opportunities for the local development in the provinces (including their districts) in the area of economic and social development.
  5. Cooperating with the DHF/PTU office in Hanoi to share findings and analysis about the potential partner organizations and in making recommendation to the Danish formulation team during their mission to Vietnam, planned to be during the last two week of November 2016.

The outcome of the work should be described in a report – in English. The two first tasks mentioned above shall all be presented as findings, followed by an analysis of what the findings mean for the local development. The third task shall be presented as the conclusions of the analysis. 

Some parts of the findings, such as the donor mapping and lists of development projects should be presented in table form as annex to the narrative report.

The specific deliverables of the consultancy are:

  • A report, of max 10 pages with findings and analysis as described above. In addition to the 10 pages, report shall include a summary of 1-2 pages.
  • A presentation of the report, presented to the appraisal team from Denmark at the debriefing meeting on November 15, 2016 in Hanoi.

4. Timing

The engagement of the local consultant shall take no more than 15 days. This include an initial desk study of relevant documents, a visit to the provinces relevant for the project (1 to 1,5 days per province) and time for the writing of the final report.

The commencement date is as soon as possible for the consultant. The deadline for completing the work is Monday the 14th of November, 2016. Findings shall be presented at a debriefing meeting with the pre-study team from Denmark on November 15, 2016 in Hanoi. 

5. Composition of the team:

There will be one local consultant on the assignment. The assigned person refers to the DHF responsible to the Vietnam project, Michael N Larsen.

The assigned person must have a relevant background and experiences in organizing the tasks described above. These include documented knowledge about the socio-economic development in in the provinces of Vietnam. Insight of the PWD situation would be an added advantage.

The consultant must be fluent in English.

6.    Requirements for being qualified for this service:

The consultant should meet the following:

  • Master degree in social development or other relevant areas.
  • Relevant experrience in similar jobs with at least 2 other projects.
  • Gook knowledge of the overall socio-economic development plan of Vietnam and of the target provinces of the project.
  • Capacity in evidence – based analysis and drawing conclusions that can lead to identifing problems and/or decision making.
  • demonstrable report writing skills
  • Knowledge of disability and rights based approach is an advantage.

7.    Documents of interest for this service :

  • should technical and financial proposal for this service
  • to be sent to: [email protected]
  • by 30 October 2016
Job Details
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Application Deadline: 
Sun, 2016-10-30