Local Consultant to Support Endline Evaluation of Mekong Women’s Empowerment Project

Terms of Reference

Local consultant to support endline evaluation of Mekong Women’s Empowerment Project (Empower)

1. Background

Rationale: Economically empowered women are a catalyst for social progress and sustainable change. When women have improved financial independence and greater control over their economic activities, combined with increased utilization of sexual and reproductive health and family planning (SRH/FP) services at the population level, it will facilitate women’s economic empowerment and improved health outcomes for women and girls including reduction in maternal mortality, and contribute towards high level social and development impacts, including gender equality and enhanced human capital.

Aim: The overall goal of the Empower program is to contribute towards women and girls realizing their economic potential and achieving their sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) through improved utilization of high quality, comprehensive, affordable and equitable SRH/FP services and products at a community level. The purpose of this study is to gather insights in order to better understand the experience of MS Ladies participating in the Empower program in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam, including impact on economic empowerment and how they are delivering SRH/FP services and meeting client needs in their communities. This consultancy focuses only on Empower / MS Ladies in two provinces in Vietnam: Son La and Lao Cai.

Primary review questions:

  1. Have MS Ladies improved their financial independence and achieved greater control over their economic activities?
  2. Have MS Ladies been able to improve acceptance and uptake of high quality SRH/FP services in their communities?

Secondary review question:

  1. To what extent is the MSL model a long-term, viable model to enhance women’s economic empowerment and to reach under-served communities with SRH and FP services.

Design: Quantitative and qualitative surveys have been developed by the Empower evaluation lead consultanct. The consultant(s) will be responsible for delivery and documentation of both quantative and qualitative surveys. The quantitative study will utilize a standardized questionnaire on to collect data from all MS Ladies contracted under the Empower program. The qualitative study will be a mixed method descriptive evaluation, using a standardized tool for gathering insights from individuals connected with the program as well as focus group discussions where possible/applicable.

Study Population:



Quantative Survey

Qualitative Survey


MS Ladies

MS Ladies

Community Partners

MSI Program Team

Son La




4-6 (overall)

Lao Cai





Study Duration: It is estimated that data collection will take approximately 140 hours total. Transcription and data quality checking is additional. The total time frame for the consultant(s) to complete this study is approximately four weeks.

Study Provinces: Lao Cai and Son La.

2. Scope of Work (SoW)


MSV seeks a consultancy firm/consultant to conduct the quantitative and qualitative survey questionnaires and document responses. The questionnaires are available in both English and Vietnamese. The consultant should be able to deliver the questionnaires in the language most appropriate for the respondent, including any local languages/dialects in the research areas. Transcripts of the completed questionnaires should all be made available in both Vietnamese and English. Data collection can take place in person, or via telephone / video conferencing as necessary given local context and Covid-19 prevention protocols.

Quantitative study

The questionnaires are available in Kobo Toolbox. The questionnaire in KoboToolbox will be linked to a password protected account created specifically for this project and accessible only to the consultant(s) and supervisory members of the study team. The questionnaire will then be downloaded to tablets and accessible via the KoboCollect app or accessed via web browser using Enketo software. The consultant(s) should be familiar, or familiarise themselves with Kobo Toolbox prior to accepting the work and have access to sufficient electronic data collection tablets/devices to complete the surveys.

The consultant is responsible for training all individuals associated with data collection, according to MSI global and MSV ethical protocols.

MSV will support the consultant(s) to contact all MS Ladies required for participation in the study.

Qualitative study

The questionnaires are available in Word documents for the consultant(s) to use for delivery of the research. The consultant is responsible for training all individuals associated with data collection, according to MSI global and MSV ethical protocols.

MSV will support the consultant(s) to contact all relevant respondent identified by MSV to participate in the study.

The consultant(s) are responsible for accurately collecting and recording all data associated with the survey. The consultant(s) are responsible for safely storing data in accordance with MSI and MSV guidelines. The consultant is responsible for transcribing all data into English for submission to MSV in an electronic format.

Data collectors and training

The consultant(s) are responsible for facilitating training with data collectors undertaking both studies. The trainings should cover the appropriate interviewing techniques, research ethics, and orientation to the specific procedures and tools for the study as well as protocol presentation and explanation of the training objectives. Data collection tools will be discussed in detail, practiced in English, Vietnamese and the local languages as appropriate, pre-tested, and revised as needed. Data collectors undertaking the quantitative interviews will be trained to administer the survey using electronic data collection.

Data collectors will practice conducting interviews on the phone in a private location, either as part of a pre-test or as a role play. Pre-test surveys and discussions should be used to provide detailed feedback and strengthen interviewing skills. Respondents that participate in the pre-test will not be administered the official study consent; rather, they will be informed that this interview is for training purposes. All pre-test data will subsequently be deleted and will not be part of study analysis. Pre-tests will be done with other MSI health providers/ staff, and will focus on the logic, sense and flow of the tools.

The data collectors should be trained on techniques to ensure respondents provide the most accurate information possible, to convey the extent of their experience of the Empower program. For example, if an MS Lady says she “doesn’t know” or “prefers not to answer” multiple times during the survey, the RA should be able to utilize helpful techniques provided in training to support the MS Lady to recollect accurate and representational answers to the questions.

MSV Empower Program Manager will be available for support and guidance as necessary to ensure MSI protocols are adhered to throughout the data collection and transcription period.

Data privacy and responsibility

All data collected during this study is the property of MSV. The consultants will agree to deliver all (draft and final) written and electronic data to MSV in accordance with MSI and MSV data protection and privacy protocols.

3. Specific tasks

The table below outlines deliverables and relevant timelines




Data collection methodology and protocol for quantative and qualitative surveys


Delivery of 179 quantitative surveys to MS Ladies


Transcription of quantative survey results in English

4th March

Summary report of survey results in English

11th March

Delivery of 9 qualitative surveys to MS Ladies


Delivery of 4-6 community partner surveys


Delivery of 1-2 focus group discussion(s) with 4-6 MSV program staff


Transcription of qualitative survey results in English

18th March

Summary report of survey results in English

18th March

4. Budget

The consultant/consulting firm shall provide a detailed estimate of the number of days they will work for this assignment including travel, accommodation, communication and other expenses, as well as their daily rates.

5. Qualifications

To be considered for this work, the consulting firm/consultant must demonstrate capacity and capabilities in the following:

  • Be familiar with SRH/FP, WEE and gender research.
  • Demonstrated experience in organising research on the scale of this project over the past three years.
  • Strong capacity and experience in planning and organising research logistics, including the design and implementation of protocols to ensure high quality data.
  • Strong capacity in data management, and statistics.
  • Ability to report to MSV team effectively on progress of the work, including the submission of interim entered data and the identification of noticeable difficulties.
  • Capacity to store and maintain data in a manner that protects respondents’ identities.
  • Be ready to assume work as soon as possible.
  • Fluent Vietnam and strong English skills (verbal and written). Knowledge of local languages of Son La and Lao Cai an advantage.

6. Conditions

The consultant(s) will report directly to Ms Nhuan, Empower Project Manager. Ms. Nhuan will provide guidance and monitoring of the research study throughout the entire process.

7. Application


Applicants shall submit a final proposal that includes a Cover Letter, CVs of key personnel, detailed research schedule for the assignment, research budget to Ms Hoang Thanh Hang, MSV Admin, email: [email protected] The closing date is 26th Jan 2022 before 5PM Vietnam’s time.

Job Details
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Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2022-01-26