Local IT firm for MIS Consultancy Service

Call for Proposals/Quotations

Aus4Equality|GREAT program, a socio-economic development initiative working in Son La and Lao Cai provinces and funded through the Government of Australia’s Aid Program in Vietnam is looking for a local IT firm to assist the Aus4Equality|GREAT team to develop a MIS.

Scope of Service:

The selected local IT firm will perform the service under the supervision of the GREAT’s Monitoring and Evaluation Research and Learning Manager through the contract duration.

The selected local IT firm will provide services for development of the GREAT MIS and continue providing supporting services for operation, maintenance and continuous customizations of the system as necessary throughout the life of the GREAT program. The first contract will be between December 2018 and November 2020 with possible extension upon satisfactory performance with the below key tasks:

Development phase (December 2018 to June 2019)

  • Discuss with GREAT team on specific business requirements of the MERL database.
  • Study relevant MERL documents including but not limited to: MERL framework, MIS conceptual design, Access-based demo of queries, data collection templates and users’ right assignment
  • Participate in the Design Workshop to unpack the TOR, get consensus of the expected MIS design and present firm’s methods and plan
  • Establish platform, IT configurations and a cloud server in Vietnam
  • Develop codes
  • Conduct user test and commissioning the newly established system
  • Develop an operational manual of the MIS system
  • Provide training for GREAT team, stakeholders and implementing partners on operation of the newly established GREAT’s MIS

Guarantee phase (July – December 2019)

  • Guarantee and make necessary improvements of modules/fields/functions for the MIS to operate smoothly and effectively;
  • Conduct regular database maintenance;
  • Perform deffect remedies and trouble-shooting support upon the request of GREAT within 24 hours.

Operational phase (January 2020 to November 2020) with possible extension beyond upon need.

  • Continued database maintenance and trouble-shooting support.
  • Update/customisations, as necessary


Eligible applicants must:

  • Be a company/firm in the field IT legally established in Vietnam.
  • Have at least 1 similar contract implemented in the last 5 years as the main contractor.

Please refer to the TOR for more information.

How to apply

Proposals must be sent to [email protected] before 17:00 20 November 2018 with subject line “MIS Consultancy Service – GREAT”. Late applications will be not considered.

An information session will be held at 14.00 on October 31, 2018 at the GREAT Office, 7th Fl Vinapaco Building, 142 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi for the interestd Applicants (please register before the session).

GREAT MERL Framework, Conceptual Design, Access-based demo of the queries and Users’ right assignments shall be provided upon request to [email protected].

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Aus4Equality|GREAT Program
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2018-11-20