Mentor Psychologist

Peace House Shelter Project, run by Center for Women and Development – a subordinate unit of Vietnam Women’s Union, was established as a joint effort by Vietnam Women’s Union and Spanish Agency for International Development Co-operation (AECID) to combat trafficking in persons by providing assistance to trafficking victims. Need-based support services including safe accommodation, health care, counseling, vocational training, legal aids and job placement are provided for women and children who are victims of trafficking in persons. As a pilot model established in 2007, the Project has so far supported more than 240 trafficking victims from different provinces and backgrounds across the country. 

The Project seeks to recruit the following position to support its activities: 

Position title: Consultancy Service, Mentor Psychologist to Peace House Shelter Project supporting victims of trafficking in persons 

Expected starting date: July 2013

Duration of Assignment: 1 year

Position reports to: Shelter Manager, Director and Director Assistant

Based at:    Center for Women and Development and Peace House Shelter, 20 Thuy Khue ST, Hanoi

Job Purpose: to support the psychosocial services needs with international and Vietnamese guidelines, best standards and coaching staff capacities to feel able to support resident empowerment and best reintegration.

Key responsibilities and Accountabilities

- Support the implementation of international and Vietnamese standards and guidelines in all the services to guarantee Donor support and sustainability.
- Support the technical (clinical and psychosocial) by intensive and intermittent coaching, e.g. 1 week a month or two month.
- Support the implementations of the psychosocial supportive circuit in all the services.
- Support the implementations of the M/E tools in each service.
- Support the implementations of reintegration plan of residents
- Support Shelter Manager and PMU the reference to the care givers support one a month, to assess agencies.
- Support Shelter Manager and Technical Psychologist to implement the detection of  capacity building needs of staff to design the Capacity Building Plan and the Implementations of the psychosocial circuit with the Head of Counsellors (in a sustainable way)


- Relevant University Degree (e.g. Psychology, Psychiatry)
- 10 years Technical expertise in mental health tool design and professional capacity building, able to use and design capacity needs detection.
- Experience as mental health trainer and coaching social workers in Asia.
- Psychology degree with 15 years social work experience,
- Psychology degree with 10 years of clinical support directly to clients.
- Fluent in English language
- 10 years experience in SGBV, GBV and trafficking in persons.
- Able to understand and implement psychosocial circuits in shelters with international and Vietnamese standards.
- 15 years experience in coaching for counsellors and social workers,
- Expert in support the supervision for Case Management
- Fluent in staff Capacity Building techniques.
- Understanding of trafficking and GBV laws, circuits and national strategies.
- Able to work independently and in different roles.
- Specialist in cognitive behaviour with adolescents and vulnerable women. Able to train in alternatives therapies: Art Therapy, life skills, positive therapy, life coaching.
- Ability to work respectfully, confidentially, independently, with a sense of humour and collaboratively
- Ability to think structurally and to work independently
- Flexibility, confidentiality.
- Interest in the cultural, social, and ethnic background of Vietnam

Application Process

Interested candidates are advised to send their CV with a technical and financial proposal before 12/07/13 to:

[email protected]
[email protected]

A short list of suitable candidates will be contacted for interview.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Peace House Shelter Project
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2013-07-12