Micro Finance (MF) Finance Officer


We are looking for Vietnamese competent candidates to fill the following vacancy:

WVV Micro Finance (MF) Finance Officer

  • Work base: Ha Noi Office
  • Deadline for application: 3 October 2022

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WVV Micro Finance (MF) Finance Officer - Micro Finance Unit (wvi.org.vn)



Micro Finance Program – World Vision Vietnam (MFU) is an independently managed program that promotes transformational development through the provision of micro financial services. MFU was established since 2006.

Micro Finance program’s mission is to foster improvement in the quality of life among the clients in Vietnam by assisting the economically active poor and graduating the moderate and poorest of the poor into entrepreneurial skills. This will be accomplished through a sustainable Micro Finance program that provides access to loans, insurance and savings within program areas.  All aspects of the services that MF program delivers are built to lead the development of appropriate models, capacities and systems for Micro enterprise development in Vietnam, resulting in sustainable economic development as part of WVI transformational development ministry throughout Area Program (AP) communities.

MF Program is structured in two management levels: central office in Hanoi and branch office at provincial and/ or regional level. All direct transactions with clients including clients screening, loan processing and loan collection are carried out at communities’ level through a network of local staff.

At present, MF Program is operation in 11 districts in 4 provinces in the north and central of Vietnam.


To support MF Finance Manager in maintaining high standard of financial stewardship to ensure the sustainable operation and compliance with existing regulations.

To assist the Manager in the accounting and finance management functions of the Micro Finance Program.

To be mainly responsible for maintaining day to day financial, accounting transactions at NO and reviewing financial reports at branches level in order to ensure compliance with organization policy, Government legislative requirements as well as VFI policies and standards.



  • Transactions are recorded and entered into accounting system at NO level on daily basis.
  • NO bank(s) reconciliation is monthly prepared.
  • Financial reports, vouchers, invoice and other financial documents at branches are periodically reviewed through field trips.
  • All payments are arranged in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Assistance is provided to Finance Manager to prepare for the internal/external/GC audit and implementation accordingly.
  • Financial record, files, reports are systematically filed for easy access and use.
  • The account payable and account receivable systems are frequently checked to ensure complete and accurate record of all money.
  • Staff payroll, benefit and income tax for branch staff are prepared and implemented on a monthly basis.
  • Timely submission of branches’ financial report and bank reconciliation (hard copies) to Hanoi is ensured.
  • Fixed Asset, Inventory and other related books are updated as required.


  • Assistance is provided to Finance Manager to prepare and revise annual budget forecast, Plan of Action for both branches and national office as required. 
  • Assist Finance Manager to develop, improve and maintain standard financial systems in order to ensure appropriate levels of security and controls over the organization's resources.
  • Assist Finance Manager in developing/revising Finance Manual, Finance Guidelines and Internal Control System
  • Technical oversight is provided to the Branch accountants in formulating the branch accounting system.


  • The implementation of branch accounting system by Branch accountants is closely monitored; coaching and guidance are provided to them in a timely manner.
  • SUN System software is well managed; accounting and finance relevant e-copies and files are backed up and secured on a monthly basis.

4. REPORTING (10%)

  • Financial reports of NO and branches are consolidated in SUN System and MED report is prepared on monthly basis.
  • Board report (quarterly) and State Bank Vietnam Report (2 times/year) are well prepared.


  • Necessary training and other support are identified and provided to Zonal Finance Officer(s)/ Branch accountants.
  • Take responsibility for personal security, accurately identify and assess the dangers and respond in the most appropriate way; take all good faith efforts to keep other WVV staff and property secure with guidance and instruction as being trained by WVV.


1.    Required Professional Experience

  • Experience in working with INGOs and or good understanding of community development, especially microfinance environment
  • Experience in treasury activities, establishment and monitoring of budgets, and an understanding of data processing concepts and systems.

2.    Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification

  • A Bachelor Degree in Accounting or Finance.

3.    Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Proven knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and a practical knowledge of financial systems and internal controls
  • Knowledge of accounting theory and financial statements and government tax requirements
  • Good oral and written communication skills, team building skills, and ability to work in a cross cultural environment with a multi-national staff; 
  • Good English skills (both spoken and written);
  • Good computer skills (Words, Excel, Access)
  • Knowledge of Sun Systems
  • Willingness to support articulate and demonstrate World Vision’s core values in meaningful ways to children and communities.

Interested candidates are invited to submit your application by sending the CV and Cover Letter to [email protected]

Our contact details are:

People and Culture Department
World Vision International - Vietnam
Address: No. 444 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.
Tel: 024. 39439920

We give equal opportunity to every candidate, regardless of religion, race and gender.

A competitive salary, benefits and career development opportunity will be offered and commensurate with the experience, qualifications and responsibilities.

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Mon, 2022-10-03