National Banking and Finance Advisor

1. Context

1.1. Background of DID and STEP project

Développement International Desjardins (DID) is a non-government-organization which belongs to Desjardins Group in Canada. It was established with a mission to support the cooperative credit model in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. It has implemented several projects in Vietnam since 1993 to assist the People's Credit Fund network in its establishment and development.

In 2015, DID in collaboration with the Cooperative Bank of Vietnam proposed a project to support strengthening the People's Credit Fund network in Vietnam to Global Affairs Canada (GAC). The project was approved for a five year period. The project name is "STrEngthening the People's Credit Funds network (STEP)".

STEP is jointly managed by the Cooperative Bank of Vietnam (Co-opBank) and Développement International Desjardins (DID), and  funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

The project goal is to strengthen the capacity of Co-opBank and its network of financial cooperatives, the People's Credit Funds (PCFs). The overall mandate is to support and advise the Co-opBank and PCFs network in their process of transformation and modernization in order to increase their level of integration and performance. 

The Project has the following objectives:

  • Develop tools and competencies with Co-opBank enabling it to better support the People's Credit Funds (PCF) in their efforts to improve their competencies and raise their performance.
  • Enable the PCF to deliver a range of safe and sustainable products and services that meet the needs of the rural population.

More specifically, the project aims to:

  • Strengthen the role of the Co-opBank as an apex institution;
  • Improve the competencies of the team at Co-opBank in charge of supporting the PCFs;
  • Develop or adapt the tools allowing Co-opBank to better monitor its affiliated PCFs;
  • Develop or adapt the tools allowing Co-opBank to take an orientation that is gender responsive and environmentally sensitive;
  • Analyze the risks, in particular credit risks, facing the PCFs and implement risk mitigation tools;
  • Analyze market demand for financial products and services in rural environments and develop and support the PCFs in marketing new products aimed at rural populations;
  • Train member rural entrepreneurs in pilot project provinces regarding business management.

1.2. Cooperative Credit Model in Vietnam

The People's Credit Fund in Vietnam was originated from a cooperative credit union, which was formed by farmers and small entrepreneurs. Its mission is to provide mutual benefits for its members by seeking capital for their enterprises and farming efforts in order to improve their livelihood, reduce poverty and eliminate famine.

The Co-opBank, formerly Central Credit Fund, was established to serve as an apex institution for this the PCF system. Its mission is to assist the PCFs to contribute to implement the policy of the government for rural and agricultural development. The PCF system has a two-tier structure, first, the Co-op Bank and its branches acting as an apex institution, the second tier comprises of 1162 PCFs to date.

The Vietnam Association of People's Credit Fund (VAPCF) was established in 2006 with its mission to represent the PCFs with the Co-opBank and ensures certain support activities such as training and technical supports.

In addition to specific commercial bank activities, the Co-op Bank support the PCFs in: i) intermediation of funds, ii) liquidity assistance; 3) training and consulting; iv) develop banking products/services available for the need of PCFs; and, v) management of the Safety Fund.

2. Objectives

STEP is currently seeking a National Banking and Finance Advisor. The position will work with international advisor(s) and will report directly to the Project Director and ensure the realization of project deliverables. He/she shall assist the international advisors to implement all the above mentioned activities including but not limited to the diagnostic study, develop strategy and its implementation plan, s/he will participate in developing support tools, training and awareness and monitoring and evaluation of the environment and social impacts management progress. s/he will provide support to partner institutions in the development and implementation of various activities and in the use of guides and tools.

3. Scope of service

The National Banking and Finance Advisor will:

  • Perform tracking and analyze microfinance/banking sector taking guidance from the SBV and the Co-opBank;
  • Assist the project team to conduct a diagnostic study;
  • Act as a resource person for the management of project risks (including operational and political risks) and change management; financial/banking sector related risks;
  • Advise financial institutions in the planning, development, coordination and monitoring related to the implementation of initiatives;
  • Develop related documentation (management manual, concept papers, promotional materials, etc.) relating to cooperative banking/finance models to specialized solutions with the participation of environment, gender equity, communications specialists;
  • Develop and disseminate microfinance/banking training and coaching (training of trainers) with social and gender sensitive integrated issues involved in agricultural credit, technical advisors and management associations of agro women entrepreneurs;
  • Ensure a watch on trends and initiatives on financial education and inclusion of environment and gender equity principles to identify innovations and good practices on the market;
  • Help create and maintain a synergy between the various components of the project to promote the smooth implementation of the strategy.
  • Write reports, make recommendations and monitor the impacts of activities and interventions under their responsibility;
  • Assess partner satisfaction with regards to the microfinance strategy and activities related;
  • Act as project representative at events on the theme of the "microfinance";
  • Undertake any other tasks as required by the Project Director.

4. Deliverables

  • A diagnostic study report to be produced in collaboration with the team;
  • Risk registers to be produced;
  • Field visit reports (written form and verbal) to be produced for events attended;
  • Analytical briefings (oral and/or written), as required;
  • Monthly, quarterly, annual reports to be produced if required by the Project Director;
  • Manual, guides, tools to be developed if required by the Project Director;
  • Training to be organized for the partner institutions;
  • Written/verbal opinions/comments in the field of banking and cooperative finance sector if required by the Project Director;

5. Assignment

The initial contract term is 1 year with possibility to extend to 4 years. This is a provision of technical service on a full time basis. The client is Développement International Desjardins and the beneficiaries are staff of the Co-opBank and People's Credit Funds in Vietnam. The anticipated start date of the contract is expected in early February 2017.

The National Banking and Finance Advisor will base in the office of the STEP project in Hanoi with office facilities and administrative support provided by the STEP team. The MF Advisors will be available to travel within Vietnam as required.

6. Qualifications

6.1. Education:

  • Minimum Master degree in banking and finance;
  • University degree in business management, accounting, environment, social sciences is a plus;

6.2. Languages:

  • Written and spoken fluency in English and Vietnamese;

6.3. Experiences/skills:

  • Minimum three (3) years of experience working in microfinance or banking institutions in Vietnam, ideally with some management responsibilities;
  • Have a monitoring and supervision skill;
  • Good knowledge of the Co-opBank and the PCF network in Vietnam, its model, structure and operation environment is a plus;
  • Good knowledge on the cooperative credit models in the world is also a plus;
  • Practical knowledge of environment, social issues and development issues in Vietnam, in particular as they relate to private sector development, agricultural development, food safety, and industrial pollution control is a plus;
  • Teamwork, organized, patient, dedicated, tactful, understanding, disciplined and mature.
  • Experience in developing and/or marketing microfinance/banking products, particularly for women and in rural, sub-urban sector;
  • Experience in multi-cultural working environment is a plus, particularly with multi- stakeholders including national, sub-national government institutions, private sector stakeholders, and non-state actors including civil society organizations and community groups;
  • Knowledge of central and local government administrative structures, functions, processes and relationships, in particular as they relate to environmentfal and social issues and environmental and social assessment is a plus;
  • Experience in roles as trainer, facilitator, coach or mentor involved in the transfer of knowledge, skills and tools to individuals and/or organizations;
  • Experience in quantitative and qualitative research methodology and analysis;
  • Strategic thinking;
  • Strong skills in verbal and written communication;
  • Autonomy, professional creativity and attention to detail;
  • Strong ability to adapt, innovate and work under pressure;
  • Ability to transfer expertise;
  • Availability to travel within the country for durations varying from 3 to 5 consecutive days.

7. How to apply and Selection Criteria:

Applicants (women and men have a similar opportunity) are invited to submit application which include a cover letter, a curriculum vitae and scanned copy of relevant education/training certificates in English via email: [email protected] by January 15, 2017, 16:00 at the latest.

Applications which are received after this date and time will not be considered.

We thank all applicants for their interest but only those selected will be contacted.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Développement International Desjardins (DID)
Application Deadline: 
Sun, 2017-01-15