National Consultant

Handicap International is active in Viet Nam since 1992. The organization’s vision is of a world in which all forms of disabilities can be prevented, cared for or integrated, and in which the rights of people with disabilities are respected and applied. We are currently seeking a qualified and motivated person, Vietnamese nationality, to work in Dong Nai  province in the position of Consultancy in vocational counseling
Within the implementation of the EU and Irish Aid funded project “Decent Work and Social Protection for People with Disabilities” in Dong Nai province, Handicap International Vietnam and its partner are seeking a national consultant to design and pilot schemes of vocational counseling that would improve access of PWD to employment.
Target beneficiaries: 300 PWD/families who need access to employment to start income generating activities (IGA) or wage-employment;
Timeframe: project running until June 2014.
Location: 12 communes in 3 districts of Dong Nai province; 1 urban, 1 semi-urban, 1 rural.

HI team has completed:

- Review and synthesis on national legislation, policies and programs specific to persons with disabilities
- Mapping of services available in target areas
- Assessment of the existing referral system for health, social protection, vocational training and employment services.
- Assessment of formal and informal employers


- Develop a vocational counseling methodology and related guidelines and tools, suitable to the context. Train project staff and partner to pilot the methodology. Support the project to train and coach network of DoLISA social workers to provide vocational counseling to PWD. Vocational counseling should have the following goals:
- PWD are encouraged to work and supported to understand their abilities and potential to work
- Support PWD identify their preferred work options, either wage employment or self employment
- PWD are supported to define a plan to reach their work goals
- PWD are referred to formal or informal services, which can support their plan (job placement services, vocational training services, microfinance services, etc.)
- PWD are empowered through understanding of laws that protect and promote their right to work


+ Phase 1: part time, distance support, equivalent to 4 full days (Jan 2013)
- Review HI team’s synthesis on national legislation, policies and programs specific to persons with disabilities;
- Desk review of existing models of vocational counseling and networking with organizations providing vocational counseling, if possible to PWD;
- Support the HI team to complete the mapping/analysis of the job options available in Dong Nai;
- Support the team to assess the skills of DOLISA’ s social workers
+ Phase 2: mix between in field, full time support and distance, part time support; total support equivalent to 10 days (Jan and March 2013)
- Develop a methodology for vocational counseling to PWD; the methodology should be adapted to the context and especially adapted to DOLISA’ s social workers level of education and skills
- Develop clear and detailed job description for vocational counselors
- Develop a guideline for the provision of the vocational counseling service
- Design effective tools to be used by vocational counselors; these tools may include (only if considered relevant and effective):
- Portfolio of employment options (both wage and self employment)
+ Case studies: inclusive employers, PWD working , PWD self-employed
- Leaflet on laws promoting the rights of PWD in general and employment and skills development in particular
- Directory of support services (job placement centers, vocational training centers, etc.)
- Other relevant tools to be suggested by the consultant
- Support the team during the production of the tools
+ Phase 3: in field, full time support; 11 days (March/April 2013):
- Train project staff and DOLISA’s social workers
- Coaching project staff and DOLISA’s social workers to provide vocational counseling to PWD


The Consultant will be supervised/monitored by the Project Coordinator of the project


Duration of contract: 25 days, non continuative; mix between in field, full time support and distance, part-time support. Maximum 15 days in field, full time support.
Period: between January and April 2013.
Please send your CV, consultancy proposal and required budget to the below email: [email protected] or call 0914 157 741 (Ms Dung) for more information.
Deadline for application: 24/12/2012

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Handicap International
Dong Nai
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2012-12-24