National Consultant on Development of Guidelines for Sustainable Bamboo Forest Management

Netherland Development Organization is seeking for an Individual national consultant on Development of Guidelines for Sustainable Bamboo Forest Management in Thanh Hoa Province

The assignment is to analyse bamboo forest management in Thanh Hoa province, and to undertake a rapid assessment in Nghe An, through undertaking the following tasks:

  • Identify and analyse the most prominent farming and harvesting practices by local people Thanh Hoa in province;
  • Provide a review of literature and practices for sustainable forest management of bamboo, including reference to practices implemented in other countries, especially China; Identify the best practices on for sustainable management  including species selection, propagation methods, planting, tending, harvesting, wood preservation, pests and disease control)
  • Analyse provincial data on distribution, volume and status of bamboo stocks, including estimation of potential volume of carbon can be sequestered and emitted from each model (from survey and literature review; additional fieldwork budget may be provided through provincial management units if inventory of sample plots is required)

Provide recommendations on for interventions of VFD for promotion of sustainable and effective management of bamboo in Thanh Hoa. This must consider from socio-economic and culture aspects.       

Write a report on the sustainable bamboo forest management in Thanh Hoa province.

Please see the TOR for further information.

Dead line for application is on 16:00 on June 1st, 2014

All the application should be sent to Ms Phuong at: [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
SNV – Netherlands Development Organisation
Application Deadline: 
Sun, 2014-06-01