National Consultant for Development of Training Materials for Clinical Management of HIV/HBV and HIV/HCV Coinfection

Call for Expressions of Interest and Proposal

Job Title: #033

National consultant for development of training materials for
clinical management of HIV/HBV and HIV/HCV coinfection

1. Background:

WHO 2015 report indicated there were 257 million people living with HBV and 71 million people living with HCV in the world and 40% of them live in the Western Pacific Region. Viet Nam is one of the countries in the region that has high burden of liver diseases caused by HBV and HCV. An estimate of 7,8 million of people living with HBV and nearly one million people living with HCV in Viet Nam, according to a modelling exercise conducted by WHO and MOH in 2017. HBV and HCV are the leading cause of HCC in Viet Nam. According to International Agency for Research on Cancer (2018) Viet Nam rank the fourth country that has highest liver cancer incidence in the world and the in the Region. A study of 21584 newly diagnosed of HCC in Cho Ray hospital report that 60% of HCC infected with HBV, 25% infected with HCV and 2.5% infected with both HBV and HCV.

HIV epidemic in Viet Nam concentrated in key populations including men who have sex with men (MSM), people who inject drugs (PWID), female sex workers (FSWs). These key population are also at risk of HBV and HCV infections. The prevalence of HCV among PWID is as high as 90% and the HCV infection among people living with HIV range from 28%-40%. HBV/HIV coinfection ranges from 10% - 14%. HBV/HIV and HCV/HIV coinfection accelerate the progression of the liver disease in PLHIV. Coinfected persons, particularly those with advanced immunodeficiency, have significantly accelerated progression to cirrhosis, decompensated cirrhosis and HCC compared to HCV mono-infected persons. HCV-associated liver disease has become a leading cause of death in people living with HIV.

Since 2019, HCV medicines (direct acting antivirals, DAAs) have been included in the social health insurance reimbursement list, however, due to high cost of the treatment and high co-payment rate (50%), access to the HCV treatment is still limited. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) has agreed to support Viet Nam in improve access to HCV treatment for people living with HIV.

The potential consultant is requested to support MOH in development of the training materials including job aids for doctors at HIV treatment clinics in proving HBV and HCV treatment services at their clinics. This is a part-time STC for 22 fulltime working days or equivalent.

2. Work to be performed

a. Specific objectives of the consultancy activity

  • Develop training materials
  • Develop job aids

b. Description of the tasks/process involved in carrying out the activity

  • Work with WHO technical staff to understand the scope of work and develop timeline for proposed activities.
  • Develop training materials and job aids in line with national guidelines and WHO recommendations.

c. Method (s) to carry out the activity

  • Study National and WHO guidelines on HBV and HCV testing and treatment.
  • Review the current training materials related to HBV, HCV and HIV
  • Discuss with WHO and VAAC to understand the need of the users of the training materials.
  • Develop training materials and job aids
  • Participate in the technical working group meeting to present and collect comments/feedback from TWG
  • Finalize the training materials and job aids

3. Specific requirements

a. Qualifications required:

  • The university degree of Doctor of Medicine with postgraduate training on infectious diseases

b. Experience required:

  • Minimum 5- year experience of clinical management of HIV, HBV and HCV.
  • Demonstrated experiences in providing HBV, HCV diagnosis and treatment services to key populations and PLHIV.
  • Previous experience working MOH especially with Viet Nam Authority for HIV/AIDS Control and ART clinics.

c. Skills / Technical skills and knowledge:

  • Advanced knowledge in HBV, HCV and HIV.
  • Familiarity with WHO recommendations related to HBV, HCV and HIV diagnosis and treatment

d. Language requirements:

  • Written and spoken fluency in Vietnamese and English is essential.

e. Competencies:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to plan and prioritise challenging workloads
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team
  • Fostering integration and teamwork

4. Place of assignment

Hanoi, Vietnam

5. Medical clearance


6. Travel

The Consultant is not expected to travel.

7. Budget

Please take note of the following when submitting application:

  • The contractor will be responsible for paying taxes, if any.

Those who are interested can send letter of interest and resume to:

Administrative Officer
World Health Organization
UN Building, 304 Kim Ma Street
Hanoi, Viet Nam


[email protected]

Before/by 22 October 2020

For further information on this TOR, please contact: [email protected]

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Thu, 2020-10-22